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Nargis Silver Polished Brass Kettle
A long kettle in beautiful silver-polished brass. This kettle has been enhanced with gorgeous engraved floral designs for a beautiful look. Dimension: H: 9 inch, Length 7.5 inch Weight:680 gm Color: Silver Material: Brass Finish: Hand Painted Inspiration: Brass Utensils
₹15,430.00 ₹10,801.00
Champa Silver Polished Brass Milk Pot
A small milk pot in beautiful silver-polished brass. This round milk pot has been enhanced with a simple engraved design for a sophisticated finish. Dimension: H: 5 inch, Length of Pot:6 inch Weight:360 gm Color: Silver Material: Brass Finish: Hand...
₹10,252.00 ₹7,176.00
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Engraved Brass Jug
₹9134.00 13048.00 (30%)
Engraved Brass Jug
A beautiful water jug crafted in brass, with an intricately-engraved design enhancing it. Perfect to serve in front of guests or keep in regular use, as brass is known for its many benefits. Dimension: H: 7.5 inch, Diameter: 3.9 Inch...
₹13,048.00 ₹9,134.00
Minimal Brass Hand Carved Jug 1.2 Liter
Featuring detailed hand carved patterns across the entire body, this brass jug is a rustic addition to your kitchen's utensil collection. Known for their medicinal properties, the brass used is sturdy and shiny. Dimension: H: 10 inch, Weight: 930 gm...
₹12,116.00 ₹8,481.00
Set Of 2: Brass Silver Finish Hand Carved Cup - Saucer
A set of two hand-carved brass cups with saucers in a beautiful silver finish. These delicate-looking cups feature a skillfully engraved design. Dimension: Cup D: 3 inch, W: 120 gm, H: 2 Inch Dimension: Tray D: 4.5 inch, W:110 gm...
₹9,319.00 ₹6,523.00
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Brass Rice Spatula
₹3261.00 4659.00 (30%)
Brass Rice Spatula
An elegant spatula for serving rice, crafted skillfully in brass. The handle sports a beautiful design to add elegance to your dining table. Dimension: L: 9.5 inch, Weight:190 gm Material: Brass Finish: Hand Painted Inspiration: Brass Utensils
₹4,659.00 ₹3,261.00
Brass Hand Painted Sugar Pot 220 ML
A unique addition to your tea set, this exquisite sugar pot is perfect for serving sugar to guests. Made in 100% brass, it flaunts motifs that have been painted by skilled artisans. Dimension: H: 3 inch,W: 3.2 Inch, Diameter Weight:...
₹5,591.00 ₹3,914.00
Hand Painted Gold Finish Brass Kettle Big
A lovely kettle that has been handcrafted in brass and enhanced with a golden finish. This big-size kettle features a beautiful design of peacocks, birds and vines that has been skillfully painted by hand by the skilled artisans of India....
₹13,048.00 ₹9,134.00
Set Of 5: Engraved Brass Dessert Bowls
A set of five beautiful dessert bowls that have been handcrafted in brass and polished golden and silver. These lovely dessert bowls feature intricately-engraved designs. Dimension: Bowls D: 4 inch, W:100 gm Dimension: Tray L: 9.5 inch, W: 5.5 Inch...
₹13,048.00 ₹9,134.00
Brass Hand Painted Tea Kettle 680 ML
Ideal for serving guests, this exquisitely designed teapot has been handcrafted in brass. Flaunting hand painted motifs, this tea pot adds a unique charm to your dining room decor. Dimension: H:7.5 inch, Weight: 840 gm Color: Multicolour Material: Brass Finish:...
₹13,048.00 ₹9,134.00
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