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Bring some vintage cheer to your dining table with our lovely new collection of cotton table mat sets. Handcrafted using 100% pure and premium cotton, these sets come with six table mats and one runner. 

We have used cheerful checked patterns to carefully craft these sets. Available in a variety of colours that range from classic black to bright yellow to green, blue and pink, these table sets are the perfect way to dress up your dining table. Designed with an old world feel, we think they would make the perfect addition to your home decor - so go ahead and shop from this collection today!

When we talk about table mats, in previous times it was just a piece which is used to protect the table from dirty stain of food and damage from sharp items. The damage can be from hot pots and other things which make it more damaged.  In that time placemats were typically made from paper, plastic or cloth which was used to put on table at home or in restaurants. These table mats have a brief history to attach to it. It is nearly 2000 years long history, it is believed that these mats were used in Europe during 1st century AD. Roman households were the first people to withdraw this in there households. Dining table mats back in that era were plain and used to clean the spilled things only. In the 15th century, every European house even the poorest started using these dining table mats. Back in these times the household chorus were done by the servants and that made all these linen cloths a part of workers job. The fresher and whiter the table mats look the richer the people will as keeping the white cloth white is a dotting task which not everyone has maintained. Home furnishings like were not categorized in cheap variables they were more on to the higher end side. It was handspun, bleached and then hand woven into cloth by a well-experienced craftsman. Also, as ironing them was not a part of the process until mid 20’s. When you see a home, you would see all things neatly placed and table cloth was considered one of the signs of a well run house hold. These easy table mats are then decorated with stripes, borders and with hand paint designs to make them look gorgeous.

Though present day households are much smaller and nuclear but table place mats are still in use. Now that table mats and place mats are being used in accordance to the décor in the house. It has been a wonderful journey to see that now it is made in different fabrics like cotton table mats, georgette, silk etc. They are not only for protecting the dinner table from liquids but also can used as decoration. Cotton table mats are used in most of the houses as they absorb water and other liquids quickly.

Table Furnishings Make The Dining Looks Amazing!

Table mats are also made out of vinyl or leather which is most often used in hotels and organization for meetings as their surface in commonly used to lean on while having a conversation. These place mats also make sure that you can place your hands on the table without making any noise.

Dining table mats do a lot more than just soaking up things; they provide a pretty backdrop for your alluring meals. The right set will add a pop of colour or you can say instagram like character to any of your dinner parties. Home table mats are usually made of cotton or any other fabric, they are also used to be a part of décor. They also make a big difference in the ambience of the room. Cotton placemats with prints or in solid colours are arranged by our mothers for special occasions. Cloth placemats with lace or ruffles provide a more elegant and classy look.

Cloth placemats that come with embroidered designs and Velcro closure are quite new to the market. These types of placemats can be folded to form storing in a safe place. When you open them and place them on the dining table, they make a great impression on the guest and other people who come to join you on your dinner table. The cloth is entirely washable and reusable which makes them eco-friendly. There are so many types of table mats which are available in the market and can be used according to your taste and décor. You can browse through all the available designs and pick the one that suits your decors the most.

Buy The Best Table Mats Here At Tjori:

There are so many options of place mats for you here in different price range and designs. All the designs are eco-friendly, can be washed and reused. They are all made up linen or cotton fabrics, these sets are finely made to decorate the house as well.

Pink Checkered Cotton Table Mats:

Brighten your dining table with our gorgeous set of six table mats and one runner. This set has been handcrafted using pure cotton and features a pattern of pink and white checks to a lovely effect. These can be used in the house which is pastel hue or white theme. Mainly opt for these when you have glass table top which makes it more beautiful in terms of its appearance.

Black Cotton Table Mats:

Elegant and classy! This set of table mats and a table runner is perfect for dinner parties. It has been handcrafted using pure cotton for a premium look and feel. This is a great set of table mats which can make your dining table stand out. The black colour stands out and also it has a significant colour which never goes out of trend.

Green Cotton and Bamboo Mats:

A set of six table mats and a runner to give your dining table a makeover like never before. Handcrafted with green cotton and natural bamboo, this set is the perfect example of urbane elegance meeting boho vibes. These can use in those houses who have a rustic feel to them.

Orange And Yellow Cotton and Bamboo Table Mats:

A set of six bright dinner table mats and a runner to cheer up your dining table and make it look more beautiful. Handcrafted in with orange and yellow cotton, along with natural bamboo, this beautiful table set is a must have for everyone as it is lively and eco-friendly as well. You can buy cotton table mats from tjori in variety of designs and colours.

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