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The magical craft of Designer Chikankari Suits

The art of Chikankari is an old form of floral embroidery. It is made by using needles and threads. It has a very captivating appeal to it. In the ancient times, this transparent fabric has led all the people mesmerized including the rulers to the general public. This practice is based out of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. This art form has survived due to its sheer beauty and elegance in Chikankari suits, sarees, and other dress materials. The credit for the beautiful fabric and art goes to the skilled craftsmen who put their best effort into making this fabric an artform which is widely used by famous fashion designers and stylists. Lucknow is a beautiful ancient city known for its alluring built palaces, stunning temples and mosque and mesmerizing monuments. This city is known as the Constantinople of east. It is a perfect place for good architectural tastes, Nawabi culture which means the mannerisms in the way they speak and behave and their love for a good living.

What is Chikankari?

The current process of making Chikankari what Chikankari is? Well defined by saying that the beauty comes with great hard work. The intricate design of this fabric is hand embroidered which is done on variety of fabric such as Silk, Chiffon, muslin and more. Traditionally it was done with only white thread but to keep up with the trends it is done with colourful thread as well. As I stated before that Lucknow is the main focuc of the Chikankari industry today and there it is called the Lucknawi Chikan. Chikan work has be evolved and has adapted assortments like Badla, Kamdani, Mukaish, sequins, beads and mirror work etc. The art is mostly performed on fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon, silk, and other fabrics which are light and bring out the beauty of this embroidery. Some of them are here:

Cotton Collared Chikankari Kurta:

Flaunting craft work made in lucknow, India. This classic black cotton Chikankari suit online is ideal for all occasion. The intricate design over the Kurta is done with needles and threads and also it is looking extremely beautiful.

Peach Cotton kurta with Chikankari Work:

A classic summer colour, this kurta is best suited for casual and ethnic outings. This kurta flaunts the intricate design of white threads Chikankari motifs on peach fabric. Made in pure cotton, this kurta is light against the skin and comfortable to wear all day long.

Find the best Chikankari suits online:

With the ease of online market and stores, these days you can buy anything online for instance designer chikankari suits, beautiful pieces that can be worn on special festivals or casual outings. Chikankari may be an old art from but the elegance is definitely appealing to the youth as well. Enchanting art form that evolved and matured over the time. Chikankari is truly a captivating art form that will be kept for many year come! You can shop for latest Chikankari suits for women at the best prices. Tjori has been working at keeping our traditional and culture alive.  It has been rightly treasured by sourcing directly from the authentic craftsmen.


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