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A bed sheet is an all-rounder which helps in making your house look more aesthetic. It transforms the look of the bedroom or kids room. Bed sheets are designed and conceptualize in different fabrics and crafts. Available in different fabrics like cotton, linen and silk etc.  In the ancient times the double bed sheets were made up of linen which is procured from flax plant. It is said that the Egyptians has been producing the cultivating linen for the longest times. It is soft as compared to cotton.

Pick the right bedsheet:

If you buy a bed sheet online, there are certain factors that you should know before making purchase. Bed sheets come in two different and standard sizes which are king size and queen size. There are also single bed and double bed sheets available online. At our online store, the range of double bed sheets is available in aesthetic prints and design in different combos like bed sheets with pillow covers or cushion covers. Read the description of the product carefully before making a purchase.

Cotton and linen are the two most used fabrics in India as they adapt the climatic changes. The tendency of cotton and its durability is far excellence. You can find a lot of cotton and linen products online at our store. You can find a wide array of cotton sheets on Tjori in alluring colours and designs. The most popular designs are kalamkari, Ajrakh, Kantha, Toda etc.

Handcrafted elegance in exemplary craftmanship

There are many designs available in the market but the rich handcrafted double bed sheets with aesthetic design are only available at Tjori. You can choose according to your personality and taste. Here are some of the great ideas for purchasing the right bed sheet.

The first thing which comes to my mind is considering the size of your bed. It is important to measure the length of your bed; usually there are standard sizes available. If you are buying a cotton double bed sheet make sure you buy a size bigger because with the first wash the size of the bed sheet shrinks. Invest in good quality of bed sheets.

The next step is the fabric of the sheet. Cotton and linen are considered best in India as they are cool and soft. According to the Indian climate condition these two options are the best.

Working for interiors, basically there is fact that a bed sheet can make or break any room design and décor. If you have rooms full of decoration then opt for light and less designed double bed sheets or vice versa.

Patterns, they can work out pretty well with themes and designs but the main focus should be on the double bed sheets only. As if there is extreme designs on the walls or in the room then pattern bed sheets is a bug no!

Buy the latest double bed sheets online at the best prices. At tjori, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and crafts. Choose and designs our own place.

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