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Yellow Tri-Leaf Afghan German Silver Earrings
Decorated with silver single ghungroo bells, this pair of silver plated earrings has been 100% handcrafted in German Silver. The yellow stones add subtle colour to your outfit. Dimension: L: 4.1 inch, Weight: 11.50 gm Color: Yellow Material: German Silver...
Pink-Green German Silver Afghan Earrings
Flaunting a silver plating, this pair of Afghan earrings boasts a flower adorned with magenta and green stones. Attached to long conical adornments, these earrings can be worn with a deep green outfit. Dimension: L: 2.9 inch, Weight: 33 gm...
Yellow-Green Afghan German Silver Earrings
Perfectly complimenting each other, the yellow and green stones embellished in the earrings are a subtle addition to your outfit. 100% handmade in German silver, these earrings have been inspired by Afghan jewelry. Dimension: L: 3.1 inch, Weight: 16.28 gm...
Rehea Sphere Brass Earrings
These stunning earrings have been handcrafted in gold-plated brass with beautiful artistic pattern. They feature a gorgeous design of motifs with a firm grip at the end for a truly lovely effect. Dimension: Earrings- W: 4.5 g, D: 2.3 Inches
All Lines Brass Earrings
Smoky Metal Brass Earrings with all lines drop. It's a tiny pair of earrings, which you can flaunt with a mid length dress for evening parties. Dimension: Earrings- W: 4.7 g, D: 2 Inches
Maroon Tassels Tribal Earrings
Handcrafted in pure silver, these earrings blend traditional sensibilities with a contemporary design. They feature tribal art and motifs with thread detailing and a round embellishment. Wear these earrings with your western and ethnic outfit. Dimension: Earring- W:25.8 g, D:4.5...
Kelly Green Gold Stone Pearl Earrings
Everyday studs that will surely put a smile on your face. Pair this earrings with your outfit to add the overall elegance. Dimension: Earring- W: 5 g, D: 2.3 Inches
Coral Stone Pearl Earrings
Keep aside those traditional loops and your look some angular dimension with this exquisite piece of pearl studded earrings. Dimension: Earring- W: 25.7 g, D: 3 Inches
Silver Tribal Motif Silver Jhumki
With designs borrowed from traditional, old world Indian jewellery and crafted in brass, this bracelet is a must-have it has a contrast gold hook lock and can be worn with western and ethnic outfits. Dimension : L:2.5 Inch Weight: 5...

Designer Earrings | Buy Silver Earrings Online for Women

The accessories a woman wears often defines her style, statement, and her status. It is thus, necessary to choose one’s jewelry wisely and patiently. The perfect jeweler understands your style and essence and creates masterpieces to suit you and your needs. One requires clear vision and immense patience to buy jewelry. Every piece of jewelry tells its own story, a story of beauty, elegance, regality, status, and much more. Depending on the occasion, the jewelry chosen only enhances the appeal of the dress, giving it a completely put-together look. Statement jewelry is often used to draw attention to various parts of the body by contrasting it with the outfit worn.

Since time immemorial, women have been known to adorn themselves with some form of jewelry or the other, with depictions of bone and tooth necklaces and bracelets found on various archeological digs. Precious jewelry items have often been passed down from generation to generation and woman to woman, making them treasured heirlooms and an integral part of traditions. 

With the onset of the dot com burst, it has become easier to shop jewelry online. Now, instead of roaming street to street and shop to shop looking for the latest designs of fashion earrings, you can find the latest jewelry trends and designs at the most affordable prices at just a click of the mouse. As e-commerces have bloomed, we have also found ways to ensure quality and reliability. Almost every woman has a treasured jewelry box wherein she keeps the best of the best from her collection. This jewelry box often contains various accessories with different styles, finishings, and designs. Besides bracelets, necklaces, maang tikas, and rings, designer earrings and ear cuffs are the most popular jewelry items. 

Silver Earrings for Women | Designer Earrings

With globalization and liberalisation, our world and markets have drastically opened up, allowing you to buy the latest fashion earrings and ear cuffs. Silver jewelry has gained a huge popularity, especially with the younger generations. They are easy to maintain and match almost every outfit, whether ethnic or western. Our silver jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

At Tjori, we offer a range of silver earrings, adorned with enamel elements, colourful stones, embellishments, and much more. These add style and colour to the accessory that helps to shape your face and add dimension to it. We offer the latest silver designer  earrings in terms of designs, quality, and material. An expert on handicrafts, we offer only the best for our customers at appropriate prices.

Our fashion earrings and ear cuffs are handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans and designed for all occasions. For lighter occasions, we also offer silver-plated earrings and cuffs. From floral motifs to spiked silhouettes, we offer it all. We also offer a range of silver earrings designed by our very own designers and crafted by hand to exude a fierce look. At Tjori, you will also find designer silver jhumkas, ideal for traditional as well as casual events. 

Threaded Fashion Earrings

At Tjori, we have a range of uniquely designed contemporary jewelry that are one-of-a-kind. We offer threaded earrings in the latest silhouettes, adding colour and style to your outfit. These include designer earrings threaded with pure cotton and earrings made with zardozi embroidered raw silk. These earrings are colourful and distinct, grabbing attention the instant they are worn. Ideal for the summer and spring, the vivid colours can be matched or contrasted, depending on the occasion. 

Crafted entirely by hand by skilled Indian artisans, these fashion earrings come with matching necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and much more. They have been adorned with german silver elements for a more tribal look.The artisans use precision and craft secrets to create mesmerizing jewelry that are a style statement in their own right.

We offer a range of threaded traditional jewelry, fashion earrings, and jewelry earrings at one place. With the click of a button, you can find hundreds of designs, colours, and styles at your disposal. Each design has been well researched and upon manufacture, goes through various in-house quality and colour checks. 

Temple Earrings

In India, traditional, festival, and temple jewelry take up a huge component in most women’s jewelry boxes. Of this, temple jewelry are most carefully kept and often passed down the generations. Temple jewelry are ideally made from real gold or gold plated metals, depending on the person wearing it. 

At Tjori, we offer intricately hand-carved and designed temple earrings plated in 22 Karat gold. These have been inspired by temples, traditions, and cultures from around the country. They are lightweight against the ears and can be worn for long festive hours. These traditional designer earrings flaunt designs depicting various gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon. 

These fashion earrings can be best worn with ethnic wear for occasions revolving around festivals and temple visits. They can be paired with matching accessories like necklaces, bracelets, maang tikas, and much more. These also often symbolise the status and class of the family and are passed down from generation to generation.

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