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A bed sheets can speak a lot about your personality and the taste and preference you have in home décor. A bed sheet can transform the whole look of the bedroom in a beautiful way. They are handcrafted in various fabrics such as cotton and linen all these fabrics are procured from the plants and hand loomed by skilled artisans. There are so many people who love to spend a little amount on the home décor or furnishing as they love to tell their story through this.  If you want to buy a bed sheet online, Tjori is one of the best place to shop from. We have bedspreads in various designs, textures and not to forget embroidered bedsheets ones which are spectacular in designs.

You can get single beds, double beds and king sizes beds sheet. The sheets are comprised of a matching pillow covers and cushions covers. Compromising on the bed sheets fabric or quality is never a choice. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in bed sheets and bedspreads. The highest quality fabric and it is used the most in every home. There are bed sheets which are embroidered as well, when guest arrive you need to put the best embroidered bedsheets out there.

Tips for buying the right bedsheets:

Embroidered bed sheets are one of the most exquisite pieces in home décor as it does make the room look extraordinary and stylish. Although there are various designs available in the market, you should choose a bed sheet or bed spread that matches your home décor. You don’t need a house full of décor but you need some nice furnishing to establish a great view.

Here are some tips for buying the right bed sheet:

  1. You need to consider the size of the bed. There are two standard size king and queen. These are really popular so make sure of the size and check the same in the description box.
  2. Fabric is the key: Consider the fabric according to the weather as we live in India here the weather conditions are humid and hot sometimes and at some point they are cold. So, here you can have line or cotton bed sheets or embroidered cotton bed sheet.
  3. Check the wall décor, the room really help in choosing the bed sheet, if you have wall décor which is a bit too much or you consider it a at its maximum verge. Opt for pastels shades and light embroidered bed set which will help in controlling the overwhelming décor and vice versa.
  4. When you are choosing the pattern make sure you check the wall print, like for instance if you have printed walls opt for plain bed sheets or some minimum embroidered ones and vice versa.
  5. Florals are great for people who love flowers and nature. Abstract prints are great for artistic people. Stripes and checks suit people with a vivacious personality.  A beautiful bed sheet can magically transform the look of your room.

Buy the best embroidered bed sets Online:

Tjori featuring a variety of bed sheets, each having different material, size and colours. Most of bed sheets are made up of cotton and linen fabric which is later embroidered with intricate designs. You can choose any of embroidered bed sets online and make your room beautiful. Some of the bed sheets include pillow covers and cushion covers. Choose your favourites from our online store and style up your room. The designs are available in abstract, embroidery, pastels and plains, all are sourced from skilled artisans and designs by talented designs.


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