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Underarms Skin Brightening Pack
Underarm dark spots are a persistent issue and are rightly so! The underarms need a targeted solution with the right set of ingredients. Dark underarms may make you less confident and may even make you hesitant to show off your...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Elegant Jasmine Body Mist
A body mist with the delicate fragrance of jasmine flower, created with an alcohol-free formula, it is ideal for sensitive skin and doesn't dry it out. The pleasant fragrance also relaxes the mood and is known to have an aphrodisiac...
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Orange Blossom Body Wash
Oranges have high Vitamin C and citric acid, which improves the overall texture of the skin and provides a healthy glow. This ultra-mild citrus body washes for daily cleaning balances the skin's lipid content, protecting it from dryness and irritation....
₹499.00 ₹349.00
Rose Mystique Body Mist
Enriched With organic rose water, this moisturizing mist will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and hydrated. Created with and alcohol free formula, it is ideal for delicate skin. The delicate fragrance of Roses is known to boost self esteem...
₹499.00 ₹349.00

Tjori’s body mist is one of the most classic scents which is infused with the naturally earthy and fresh. It spices up the mood and re-energizes the spirit.

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