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French Chantilly Lace Sarees:

Chantilly lace fabric is one of the most popular types of lace fabric, which history dates back to the 17th century.  It has an aesthetic appeal to it. Chantilly fabric is all about its exquisite floral and botanical patterns. It is also valued for high durability, as Chantilly lace patterns are outlined with thicker threads.

Top Chantilly manufacturers are Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot, Solstiss and Marco Lagatolla.

Chantilly lace is a hand-woven bobbin lace which was named after the city of Chantilly in France.  Through most of the lace was made with Bayeux in France and Gerard’s Bergen in Belgium. Chantilly Lace is known for its fine pattern and alluring details. The best Chantilly Lace is made with silk and were generally coloured black in the previous times. It is also made of linen and silk as well.  The sarees introduced by the designers in the ramp show or you can call it a fashion show. These have never been out of date. They are always in fashion. Usually found in muted tones like cream beige and white.

The detailed designs set out a trend of lace sarees. These sarees have become very popular in different areas of India as well as outside it, especially highlighted by the Bollywood stars.  The French Chantilly Lace Sarees are handcrafted with floral motifs along with detail work sprinkled over it. The look of the saree features lace fabrics. 

Moreover, we have many highlighted colours and designs featuring on our online store. We have seen many stars wearing Black Chantilly lace saree and some of them with White or off-white saree in many movies and fashion show.

How to style these beautiful Chantilly Lace sarees:

French Chantilly Lace sarees online can be styled pretty well with minimal accessories. Like for instance, wear Lace Chantilly saree with a readymade silk blouse and accessorize it with heels like pumps or wedges. Don’t forget to highlight your eyes with some black Smokey shadow or any other material if you are wearing any muted colours like cream, beige and off-white. Dab a light shade on your lip to look dead drop gorgeous.

Chantilly lace fabric is delicate lace with fine honeycomb shape design and details. Fashion season has never left without Chantilly lace in it after 2010. It has a romantic mood to it because of the luxurious lace. Fashion designers and brands have accomplished significant apparels out of it.  Chantilly lace is mostly about the complexity and delicacy. It also comprises of timeless motifs like leaves, flowers, baskets, vases and a lot more. It is most commonly used in ethnic gowns, sarees, suits, dresses and much more.

Buy the best French Chantilly Lace online:

You can pick the best lace saree online at the best price on Tjori. Skip on some regular saree and switch to Chantilly lace saree online. For any wedding or any other function, you can switch to this type of saree.

With the modern ease of online shopping, you can select and shop at home or any other place without the hassle of a regular market.

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