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Origin of Ayurveda runs deep through the roots of Indian sub-continent. With the busy schedules and hectic work days, we have been ignoring the need of our body and specially your hair. Your hair is your crowning glory that is exactly why a person should never be too busy to follow a hair regime. It’s better late then, never. Earlier when there was no technology the women would rely on the ayurvedic and organic treatments for their bodies. At tjori we offer you an array of hair growth oils to pamper your hair. The ingredients that are formulated together to make the ayurvedic hair oil are all-natural. 


We at Tjori have in-depth knowledge about the ingredients and their uses when mixed with other ingredients in order to acquire the perfect hair oil potion. Our hair oil products go to the root of the problem, designed to fight oiliness, dryness and split hairs. You can also enjoy a seamless experience shopping at Tjori for various hair oils like hair growth oil, ayurvedic hair oil etc. with easy cash as well as card payments and the best part about all this is that you get 100% organic proved products which are genuine. We go back to the roots of essential hair oils, using traditions and secrets that stood against the test of time, we use natural ingredients to provide you with the perfect remedy to pamper your hair with.

In addition to that we also offer you an excellent range of other hair products for hair care. As all of us are aware of the problems that come when it comes to hair care. Our shampoos are also made from all Ayurveda products which means that they are all-natural and eco-friendly also.


REETHA HERBAL OIL                                                       349/-INR.

LEMON AND COCONUT OIL                                            449/-INR.

AYURVEDIC YASHTIMADHU HAIR OIL                           399/-INR.


Well the best part about us is that we offer you a multitude of hair growth oils which are all the thus enriching your hair inside out. The ingredients used in the hair growth oil are all naturally occurring like –


KAPUR- Also known as camphor the Kapur oil not only makes the hair soft but also boosts hair growth. Also it boosts the blood circulation of the area where it is applied which helps to calm down the nerves.

LEMON-With its antibacterial qualities and its acidic nature help tighten the hair follicles, thus curbing hair fall and in addition to that, it also helps clean the scalp and unclog hair follicles.

REETHA- Fused with coconut and almond oil reetha is a perfect blend for hair growth plus the components consist of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities which not only enhance hair growth but also remove infections and dandruff from scalp.

BHRINGRAJ- Continuous application of bhringraj helps in providing nourishment to hair and scalp plus it helps in reducing hair-loss also in addition to that it reduces the process of greying of hair.

CARDAMOM- cardamom helps to enhance the strengthening of hair by just enhancing hair growth.

CURRY LEAVE- The leaves are hand-picked from organically grown trees and then the leaves are steeped in cold processed oil to enrich and enhance the natural hair growth.

And many more ingredients.

The damage that has been done for so many years cannot be reversed in a day or two and so something that you will have to keep in your mind is that you will have to use the product regularly without any halt for visible results.


Our hair growth oils are all essential oils which not only give a relaxing feel to the nerves but also enhance hair growth, by making them stronger and shinier.

All the hair oils manufactured by us our organically tested and no animals were used for their testing.

Thickens the hair follicles thus increasing hair volume.

Our hair fall oils also help in controlling the hair fall and reducing the chances of getting hair infections.

Some of our hair oils aim at reducing the process of greying hair.

Tjori’s hair growth oils also reduces the exposure to chemicals and other non-natural ingredients.

And many more.

Shop with us once and it’s our promise you won’t regret. HURRY!!

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