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Round Cork Planter in Natural Earthy Hue
Upgrade your home with this eco-friendly and sustainable round cork planter. It has a subtle finishing and the natural earthy color will match perfectly with any interior. Whether you choose to plant your favorite stem in it or just place...
Bisma Copper Glass
Add this premium copper glass to your kitchenware for a luxurious feel along with beneficial health benefits. According to Ayurveda, water stored in copper vessels is known as ‘tamara jal’ as copper gently leaches into the water and the water...
Sandalwood Aroma Oil [10ml]
Best known for its calming effects, the aroma of sandalwood oil is earthy and calming. Weight of Oil: 10 ml Directions to Use- Do not apply directly onto the skin. Add a few drops into a diffuser, a pot of...
Dark Blue And White Chevron Cotton Jacquard Cushion Covers - 2
Classic and tasteful, these cushion covers feature a black and white chevron pattern. This set of two has been handcrafted using cotton jacquard for an earthy finish. Dimension: L: 17 Inch, W: 17 Inch Color: Black & White Material:Cotton Jacqaurd...
Set Of 2- Cream White Handblock Cotton Curtains
The highly detailed pattern surrounding handblock patterns give this curtain a subtle look, adding soft colour to your bedroom. Crafted using 100% pure cotton, this curtain will fill your home with positive vibes. Stainless steel eyelets have been stitched into...
Set Of 2- Light Yellow Motif Handblock Cotton Curtains
Your Home is always incomplete with right pair of curtains! Bedecked with delicate patterns in off white, this curtain has been 100% handcrafted and hand block printed. The pure cotton material will add warmth to your room in winter and...
Criss Cross Macrame Wall Hanging
Macramé wall hangings are one symbolic feature of Victorian era. Now make your wall a little more exquisite with macrame wall hanging. Each wall hanging is exquisitely handcrafted using the Macrame technique of knotting. The design is further accentuated by...
Set Of 2: Arusha Off-White & Maroon Handblock Printed Curtains
Enhance the grace and luxury of your home with these off-white and maroon curtains. Crafted beautifully in premium flex cotton material, these curtains exhibit the traditional hand block prints in semi-geometric pattern with an exquisite finish. Dimension Meters: 2.5 Meters...
Set of 2: Green Emerald Brocade Bolsters Cover
These rich emerald Bolster covers are made with handwoven brocade fabrics to add a extravagant look to your living room. The golden thread weaves of this piece make it a perfect fit for a festive room decor. It suits best...
Set of 2: Pink & White Pillow Covers
This handwoven pillow cover set of 2 is handwoven in the precious orissa cotton handloom. It contains the soothing and charming combination of pastel pink and off white that redefines your space with its subtle beauty. Length of Pillow:L: 25...
Nargis Silver Polished Brass Kettle
A long kettle in beautiful silver-polished brass. This kettle has been enhanced with gorgeous engraved floral designs for a beautiful look. Dimension: H: 9 inch, Length 7.5 inch Weight:680 gm Color: Silver Material: Brass Finish: Hand Painted Inspiration: Brass Utensils
Macrame U Sahped Wall Hanging
Add a boho look to your room by this macrame wall hanging. Dimension: H: 40 Inch, W: 13 Inch Color: Off White Material:Laneyard Finish: Handcrafted
Adele Beige with Contrast Handcraft Jute Rug
The earthy nature of this carpet makes it likely to adapt to any decor. Showcase your interior with stylish recycled and vibrant Rugs. A useful housewarming gift and to be used home. Dimension: L - 5ft, W - 3ft
Farookh Moroccan Kalim (6 X 4 ft)
Give your home a typical, folk look with this flawless multi-colored rug also known as Moroccan kilim. These are wool-jute rugs. Moroccan kilim rugs are more popular than ever. The rug is hand-woven with a smooth finishing. The edges are...
Grey and White Cotton Jute Basket
This cotton jute baskets comes with a multi utility function. The Basket can be washed after months of usage and it will be again fresh as new. The handle is attached with a double stitch to ensure that it will...
Leaf Brass Diya
Add this art piece to your pooja room decor with this handcrafted Brass leaf-shaped Diya crafted in 100% pure brass material. The finishing and intricate designs are surely among the must-haves during the festive season. Dimension: H-0.6 Inches, W-3 Inches...
Set of 2: White with Red Contrast Handcrafted Jacquard Cushion Covers
Classic and tasteful, these cushion covers features contrast pattern. This set of two has been handcrafted using cotton jacquard for an earthy finish. Dimension: L: 16 Inch, W:16 Inches Color: White Material: Jacquard Finish: Handcraft
Set of 2: Azzure Steal Blue Handcrafted Jacquard Cushion Covers
Snuggle up on your home decor featuring cherry red cotton jacquard weave cushion set of 2. Handcrafted in cotton jacquard weave material which features a contrast raised pattern that is woven onto the fabric, which will provide us with warmth...
Siler polished Fruit Bowl
This lovely bowl has been handcrafted in brass and polished silver. It features an intricate engraved floral Design. Dimension: H 4.2 inch, L:7.5 Inch Weight: 300 gm Color: Silvar Material:Silver plated with polish Finish: Handcrafted
Champa Silver Polished Brass Milk Pot
A small milk pot in beautiful silver-polished brass. This round milk pot has been enhanced with a simple engraved design for a sophisticated finish. Dimension: H: 5 inch, Length of Pot:6 inch Weight:360 gm Color: Silver Material: Brass Finish: Hand...
Brass Water Jug
This brass carafe is durable in nature and magnificent in appearance. Crafted with age-old expertise, this carafe offers medicinal properties and promotes healthy growth. Dimension: H: 8 Inch Weight: 460 gms Color: Golden Material:Brass Finish: Handcrafted