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Dove Grey Cruelty Free Leather Oxford Heel Boots
Dove Grey Cruelty Free Leather Oxford Heel Boots
Made with cruelty-free leather and crafted to perfection, these oxford shoes showcase a timeless blend of regal grace. Designed in beautiful earthy shade along with timeless hand work, these are sure to add a contemporary touch to your look. This...
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Brown Cruelty Free Leather Rivets Oxford Heel Boots
Brown Cruelty Free Leather Rivets Oxford Heel Boots
Don't we all love Rivet studs on our shoes? It can make our pair look trendy yet stylish. Made with cruelty-free leather and crafted to perfection, these oxford shoes showcase a timeless blend of regal grace. Designed in beautiful earthy...

Ladies Oxford Shoes | Leather Oxford Shoes for Women

Oxford shoes also known as brogue shoes are a statement staple for men. It is a distinction in the men’s wardrobe. Women started following this trend in the late nineties. After being used by men tremendously, women in today’s time find it stylish and rocking. A woman who likes to keep her style updated and pushes every boundary to excel in their own field is more likely to be inclined towards these trends. Transfer the look to everyday fashion with trending fashion like chic and urban oxford shoes.

Now, as we talk about women oxford shoes and how they are manufactured? To make the shoes more feminine, we have added some of the traditional elegance to them which looks explicit. Addition to this women’s oxford is either flat or taller than usual men’s shoes.

Types of ladies oxford shoes at Tjori:

1. Deep brown oxford shoes:

Ajrakh oxford shoes made with cruelty-free leather, these shoes showcase a timeless blend of regal grace. Designed in beautiful earthy shades of hand-block printed Ajrakh. The contemporary style of the shoes complements many types of apparel.

2. Noir Kantha embroidery leather oxfords:

Showcasing hand-stitched Kantha embroidery, made with cruelty-free leather oxford is ideal for formal occasions. We have imbibed the traditional vibe into them.

3. Chomuk mirror embroidery leather Kutch oxfords:

designed for casual or semi-formal events, this pair of cruelty-free oxfords showcases intricate kutch and chomuk mirror embroidery.

4. Beige denim leather oxford:

Combining beige motifs on jacquard with denim, these oxfords have been inspired by Moroccan flat weave rugs. Wear these with your favorite apparel and aad a dash of colour to your outfit.

5. Brown and Blue bagru oxford:

Created to showcase elegance, these handcrafted shoes are nothing less than a piece of art. These hand-stitched shoes are adorned with beautiful bagru shoes pattern in which a feminine appeal. Designed to perfection.

How you can style them:

Leather oxford shoes are designed purposely with a feminine statement, which means it’s developed to have a modern fashion statement. Women’s oxford shoes are completely versatile and they complement almost every outfit you choose. Even in winter, you can easily switch to these gorgeous shoes in spite of wearing boots. Here are some ideas which you take as inspiration and began styling:

Strip it Away: You can pair up oxford shoes with a striped top or dress. The strip pattern complements the oxford shoe style. You can make a whole out of these strip top and a black or brown trouser with ankle length or jegging. Get surprised by the end result.

Pair it with dresses:  For a smart and petite look, you can opt for a dress with checks or any pattern and pair it up with oxford shoes for an appealing look. 

Pair it with anything: Don’t stop experimenting anytime; with oxford shoes, you can mix-match with any dress or clothing of your choice whether it is a saree or a lehenga. If you feel like wearing then make it your choice and wear it.

Buy the best oxford shoes online for women at the best prices:

Oxford Shoes for Women is a delight when it comes to women’s fashion. It exceptionally compliments many garments and items in your wardrobe. The perfect pair of shoes that is ideal for any day or night event. The best part of these shoes is that they can be worn in any season whether it is autumn, summer or winter. A pair of Chic and classic oxford shoes complement your outfit like never before. Shop for the best from Tjori.

Any woman, who keeps an eye on upcoming styles and designs, will surely know about these making a space in the industry. This is the result of the merger of men’s shoes into women-oriented ones. This recently transformed into everyday fashion. Women love this look as this is comfortable and classy at the same time.

Now, if we talk about the shoe and how this is made for women.  This is transformed into a simple scenario by adding prints to it. We have here added a few prints which are traditionally worn and are beautiful in every sense. Some of them are Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Kantha, Bagru and Jacquard etc. Adding the perfect feminine touch and elegance to the shoe, these are crafted by skilled artisans and talented designers.  Women’s oxford shoes come in rich hues and prints as compared to men’s oxford shoe. Women’s Oxford online does have a taller heel to it and some of them are extremely flat.

Oxfords shoes for women have men inspired roots and methodology but they are designed according to the taste and preferences women have. These can be paired up with many outfits as for formal you can try and wear pants and a formal shirt with a blazer, there you go oxford shoes will work their magic on these. You can even have creams, tans and other colours in oxford shoes.

Don’t miss the key to master this look, the most important part is to know is the right amount of leg revealing. Down to the knee, right above the ankle is the right thing to do. This will make sure you don’t know shabby. This also makes a perfect date outfit. You have also seen celebrities flaunting these with sarees and suits. So, don’t lose confidence wear these with your ethnic outfit and stand out from the crowd.

Pick the best from Tjori: 

Here are some of the traditionally inspired oxford shoes for you:

Kantha embroidery Oxford shoes:

Showcasing hand-stitched Kantha embroidery, this pair is perfect for any ethnic or western outfit. Comfortable for long hours, they imbibe tradition in your outfit. This can be paired up with any complementing colour of blue and red.

Cobalt blue Kalamkari Oxford Shoes:

Handcrafted to perfection, these shoes showcase a timeless blend of regal grace. Designed in beautiful earthy shades of hand block printed Kalamkari, these are sure adding a contemporary touch to your look. This ancient printing is derived from the traditional Persians.

Brown Chomuk Mirror Embroidery Oxford:

Designed for casual and semi-formal events, this pair showcases intricate kutch and chomuk mirror embroidery. The flat heel and leather lining makes for a comfortable wear all day long.

Light Brown Ajrakh Oxford Shoes:

The handblock ajrakh oxford shoes print beautifully harmonizes with these lace-up oxfords are exemplary of artistic brilliance. Designed beautifully earthy shades of brown these are sure to add a contemporary touch to your look.

So, don’t think about how and when you can wear these, just buy oxford shoes for women online. There is no hassle of buying it in the market in the scorching heat or snowy winter.  You can just make a purchase online with the ease of sitting at home. You can even explore other options in footwear and outfits.

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