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Winter means those snowy cold nights, your jackets, oversized coats, cardigans and ethnic wear kurtis etc.  You would know that India is hugely popular for its woolen shawls all over the world. Every part of the India is contributing in maintaining the essence of our traditional and roots. Among all shawls pashmina is consider one of the softest and warm. Semi- Pashmina kurta are evergreen winter clothing they are never out of style. Whatever you style or sense of fashion is these fit you in the most adorable form. They are effortless in many forms and also help in creating the best looks.

Pashmina kurti- History and Origin:

Kashmir has given us many things, it is called the heaven of our country. The pashmina comes from this heaven! This stunning piece of garment has stolen so many hearts in the century, Pashmina Kurta, also commonly known as kashmiri kurta which were worn by kings and queen in the ancient times. So, pashmina is sourced from the local breed of Tibetan goat that lives at the high altitude of Himalayas. The wool is also called the soft gold as it one of the most beautiful and expensive wool in the world.

These semi-pashmina kurtas are a great option for every woman out there, these are ideal anniversary gifts for any one close to your hearts. These Pashmina Kurtas online is a perfect object for every women’s affection. Kashmiri kurta or semi pashmina kurtas embroidery and every other detail is a treasure for a lifetime. The material can be treasured for a lifetime and can be passed on to generation to generations. 

Pick The Best Pashmina Kurta Online:

Off-white Kani Semi-Pashmina Kurta:

Boasting a mandarin collar and front buttons, this count semi-pashmina short kurta has been crafted using Kani weaving throughout its front and back. Inspired by motifs from Kashmir, this short kurta has simple sleeves with kani lining. Pair this with kani palazzo for a perfect look.

Black Kani Semi-pashmina Kurta:

Handcrafted kurta, this semi-pashmina long kurta features delicate Kani weaving on black cloth. Inspired by popular kashmiri motifs, this kurta has been created by Indian artisans. Pair it with a black palazzo with kani borders for complete outfits.

Red Kani Semi Pashmina Kurta, Palazzo and Shawls:

This whole set contains a semi-pashmina shawl, palazzo, and long kurta. This handcrafted by Indian artisans. Showcasing intricate Kani embroidery, this outfits is ideal for wedding and pre-wedding events.

Cream Kani Semi Pashmina Kurta, Palazzo and Shawls:     

Handcrafted on cream coloured semi-pashmina thread, this kani embroidered set contains a long kurta palazzo and shawl. Pair it with black accessories and shoes to an evening dinner party to best complement your outfit.

Buy The Best Pashmina Kurtas Online At The Best Price:

You can easily access our online store, on Tjori you will find one hundred percent genuine products in a variety of materials and designs to suit your style and taste. Get the perfect semi-pashmina kurta and will suit your style and taste. Our store offers a safe gateway for payments, free shipping, order tracking and much more. These are such beautiful kurta which are embroidered with kani weave. Here you can find various types of apparels, footwear, jewellery, and home décor. Some of the semi-pashminas or pashminas even take months of time to make as it has a lot of techniques through which it goes and become what it is today and can be seen. Latest Pashmina kurtis are certainly the most beautiful shawls you will ever see, every inch of it describes a whole story all together. Some of the pashmina kurti or a semi-pashmina kurtis can be found on our online store and the designs are not easily available anywhere else.

Pashmina Kurtas
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