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Look perfect with Tjori’s personal grooming kit (waxing kits, hair removal wax kits, hair cutting scissors, etc.) that covers your head to toe beauty da regime.

Well everyone wants to look perfect even on a Sunday morning when all you have to do is get up late and away around the whole day while running your parlour appointments because there is only one day when you get time to groom yourself from head to toe.

Parlour!!!! Does that ring a bell??

Well, have you tried opting for personal grooming yourself?

With Tjori’s personal grooming this hectic task has also been eased just for you.


  • BARBERS KIT- There are times that you can’t even step outside on weekends also because of your busy schedule which always leaves you in a haste, well the barbers kit provided by Tjori has a pair of sharp stainless steel hair cutting scissors along with a professional thinning stainless steel hair cutting scissor and apron to avoid any mess. Now hair cutting has become a DIY with tjori’s barber kit.
  • WAXING KIT- Waxing has always been a task for women because we women literally clear our whole schedule of a day to go visit the parlour aunty for it. DIY with Tjori’s waxing kit, from wax for normal skin to sensitive skin to all skin types.

Choose from aloe vera gel hair removal wax for normal skin to the white hair removal wax kits which are just perfect for sensitive skin and finally the dark chocolate hair removal wax kit that not only removes unwanted hair but also gives you a de-tan. Not only can you use it on your body but also to remove the unwanted growth of hair on your face.

The waxing kit comes with a wax heater, wax, waxing strips, and finally a wax applicator.

  • PEDICURE KIT- Tjori’s pedicure kit is designed with materials and scrubs that not only give your feet basic exfoliation and cleaning rather a cooling and soothing effect also in the long term. Infused with natural ingredients like dead-sea salts, aloe-vera, lemon-peppermint, etc. along with a soothing cream to restore your natural hydration and a pumice stone for better exfoliation.
  •  MANICURE KIT- DIY with Tjori’s manicure kit that has brought salon-like feel at home in just 3 simple steps. Pamper your hands with the ayurvedic tan scrub along with aloe vera cream and chickpea and rose cleanser to keep your hands safe and beautiful.

On an additional note if you are not looking to purchase a kit then no need to feel low because you can also get these personal grooming essentials like the

  • Hair Removal Wax Kit
  • Wax Heater
  • Hair Cutting Scissors
  • Waxing strips etc. and whatnot.



Well, we at Tjori believe in providing our customers with the most premium quality of handcrafted fusion of traditional art and age-old craftsmanship with a personal touch of natural and rich organic ingredients which not only ensure that they cure the problem from its root but also remains a forever companion for your skin.


  • Hair cutting scissors should never be the same scissors that you use to cut something else because that would result in a blunt scissor which promotes split ends and uneven cuts so always keep a separate hair cutting scissors for your hair.
  • If you have a home waxing kit then keep in mind the hygiene that needs to be maintained, keeps you wax heater clean. If it is your first time using a hair removal wax then go for Rica or commonly known as the white hair removal wax.
  • Also keep in mind that while heating the hair removal wax kit do not keep the wax applicator inside the wax heater because it is made of steel which might leave a burn on your skin.
  • While exfoliating your hands and feet during a manicure and pedicure be gentle on your skin as you do not want to expose your inner skin to the harsh climatic conditions without any protection.
  • Always use a cooling spray or aloe vera gel spray after waxing for cooling and soothing effect. Also, aloe vera reduces the red spots that come immediately after waxing.
  • If you are thinking of cutting your hair at home then as mentioned above use different hair cutting scissors and not your common household scissors, to avoid itching and complication you can use an apron also so that the hair that falls of after cutting doesn’t stick on you.

So get your hands on the Tjori’s exclusive personal grooming essentials and pamper your body yourself.


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