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Set of 2: Pink & White Pillow Covers
This handwoven pillow cover set of 2 is handwoven in the precious orissa cotton handloom. It contains the soothing and charming combination of pastel pink and off white that redefines your space with its subtle beauty. Length of Pillow:L: 25...
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: Shades of Woven Pink Pillow Covers
Length of Pillow:L: 25 Inch, W: 17 Inch Color: Pink Material:Cotton Finish:Handloom
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: White & Pink Pillow Covers
This pillow cover set of 2 is a classic combination of the refreshing white and pink. lt is handwoven in pure cotton handloom from Orissa. Length of Pillow:L: 25 Inch, W: 17 Inch Color: White & Pink Material:Cotton Finish:Handloom
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: True Blue Pillow Covers
This multi shaded set of 2 contains all the shades of blue and 2 pillow covers, all that are handwoven in pure cotton handloom from Orissa. Length of Pillow:L: 25 Inch, W: 17 Inch Color: Blue Material:Cotton Finish:Handloom
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: Multi Threaded Woven Pillow Covers
This handwoven pillow cover set of 2 is made out of the precious cotton handloom from Orissa. It is tastefully woven in pleasing shades of blue, grey and green that give your personal space the beautiful and comfortable touch it...
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: Pastel Weaves Pillow Covers
This pleasant set of 2 pillow covers is handwoven in pure orissa cotton handloom. It is perfect to add a relaxing touch to your personal space with its pleasing striped pastel shades. Length of Pillow:L: 25 Inch, W: 17 Inch...
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: Royal Blue Hues Pillow Covers
This true blue hand woven pillow cover set of 2 is made in pure cotton handloom. It flaunts the boldness and subtlety of blue beautifully, with its royal and sky blue shades, and is sure to liven up your personal...
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00
Set of 2: Rustic Hues Pillow Covers
This cheerful pillow cover set of 2 is handwoven in pure cotton handloom from Orissa. Its various shades are sure to liven up your room. Length of Pillow:L: 25 Inch, W: 17 Inch Color: Rustic Material:Cotton Finish:Handloom
₹3,312.00 ₹2,318.00

Shopping for your home is always a fun job, it is a necessity that we are always worried about. You are confused about what kind of décor would suit your interiors or not. Most of you are a hoarder of home décor products like lampshades, cushion covers, pillow covers, bedspreads etc but you will do with this designer stuff. To make your home stand out make sure you know what kind of pillow covers you need for your beautiful home.

Pillow covers are made from a wide range of fabric and material. From basic cotton pillow covers to embroidered ones. The choices are never-ending. Sometimes you are looking for a sophisticated touch in the designs of the pillow but you get yourself the vibrantly printed ones.  To elaborate one's bedroom you need to look into the interiors of that place and work for the theme. If for instance, you have beige or off-white colours in your decor then you should go for light pastels so that the rooms look in a sink.

Buy the Latest Pillow Covers Online:

Now the material of the pillow covers for home decor is a task to know whether it is nice and comfortable or not. From prints to embroidered, you can find many such options. There are umpteen choices for you to choose from. You should decide to choose pillow covers based on the choice of your bed sheet or else you can find a gorgeous set from the online store at Tjori. You can take printed ones for a set or a for a plain bed sheet. Similarly, you can choose from various other patterns such as kalamkari, Ajrakh, Bagru, Tie & Dye etc. The elegance of handcrafted prints and designs can never be diminished. Some of the best options for all homes can be checkered prints as they are perfect for any décor.

Style your home in an amazing sense:

You can make your bed look more colourful by placing pillows designed with different types of arts. If someone wants to have a cheerful décor then pillow covers online are the best choice. Some of the most popular colours include beige, brown, orange, yellow and red. You can always choose pastels for a light décor. You can also opt for abstract prints but the elegance comes with a handcrafted beauty which is our own hand-loomed cloth with aesthetic designs. Now, that you have made up your mind what you want to choose then the bets pillow covers online are present Tjori. You can always sit back home and order the latest designer and aesthetic pillow cover for your home.

Tjori believes that your buying experience should be hassle-free. You can choose easily just by clicking and also can read the description for further clarification of material and designs. Hence, it has some easy payment methods for you to use and for your support, it is also made user-friendly.  You can also find lampshades, handcrafted kitchen utensils, curtains, bedsheets etc.

Pillow Covers
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