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Plain Linen Sarees

Linen is very comfortable and lightweight fabric, known for its appeal. The texture of this fabric is derived from flax plants fibers. Plain Linen sarees are one of the best staples for a summer wardrobe. It is counted to be one of the oldest textiles of the world. These sarees are a great fit for everyone and for every season. This fabric is qualified to be worn by any age of women.  It takes a lot of effort and time to manufacture each of these pieces. The fabric is extremely soft and sweats absorbent. It doesn’t cling to the body.  The refreshing linen has a history to boast of as well. Its origin can be traced in ancient time 1000 years back when people started transforming plant fiber to sting and cloth. Flax plant mainly grows in Asia, specifically in central Asia. In the late centuries, sarees were hand-spun, they made the beautiful plain linen sarees with hands rather than implementing it from a machine.


Natural luster and comfort, linen has qualities which we are unable to find in different sarees like strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. The fabric can take a whole lot of colors, shades and textures come in wide variety. There was a time when linen was not even considered wearable but now women have understood the alluring fabric and also the correct aesthetics of the fabric. You can find plain linen sarees online at the best price.


This type of saree is considered as the combination of two of the most unique fabrics which are impeccable. This saree is made with banarasi fabric and linen fabric mixed together. This creates an everlasting effect on the saree.


A sober linen saree is perfect for any formal gathering or meetings. It has a classic appeal to it. There is a lot of classic linen sarees available in fascinating colours and styles. There is a lot of scopes to experiment with linen saree as they are not much of design and structure, you can easily pull off jewelry and ethnic bags and shoes with it. For a formal look, you can team up a stunning full sleeve readymade blouse with a plain linen saree. You can also make it more formal by incorporating a jacket blouse to get the perfect corporate look.  While on the other hand, the plain colours are always a great choice as they can be easily teamed up with vibrant colors. Style says a lot about the personality. The most beautiful thing about these sarees is that they are a perfect choice for any outing or occasions. So, you can easily buy them and make them yours in just one click. Buy plain linen sarees on Tjori at the best prices.

Sarees an epitome of beauty coupled with comfort and style. Plain Linen Sarees have been one of the favourite attire of Indian women for a long time now. It looks undeniably beautiful and lustrous on anyone wearing it. On one hand, plain linen sarees online have a different zest in them, you can find various variety and turn them into your style.

Plain Linen as a material wins hands down when it comes to comfort and convenience. The manufacturing of pure linen fibre is a laborious task that requires expertise and accuracy. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant and the best variety of linen is woven completely by hand. The result is a high quality linen online fabric which is almost fine to a fault! The subtle beauty of linen sarees is loved by every woman all over India and outside it as well. It is lightweight and is easy to drape. It has an ethereal grace which makes it look flawless on any day. Choose from a wide variety of plain linen sarees with traditional essence and drafted with crafted with true elegance. Woven with one of the oldest known textile in the world, linen is considejjred to be a symbol of purity and sophistication. The material is smooth that it makes you look sensually exquisite and wraps itself around your body.

Buy the Best Plain Linen Sarees:

Linen sarees online at low prices in India on Tjori, you can easily buy plain linen sarees online at Tjori. Wide range of sarees available at our website exclusively curated for you. You can find an array of linen sarees and make them yours at less expensive prices. Give these sarees a personalized touch by designing them according to your taste and personality. In just a click you can get different types of blouses to make the sarees stylish and fashionable. There is so much to choose from it when it comes to linen saree online. Even the simplest linen saree looks exemplary. Solid and plain linen saree are very popular and a lot of women love wearing it. Checkered linen sarees look elegant and graceful if you pair them up with tribal jewellery. Sometimes these sarees have mughal motifs like paisleys, flowers, and leaves. Embroidered, hand painted and embellished handloom sarees are available as well. There’s something about linen saree that makes them special and they are so comfortable and are available in elegant designs and prints. This six yard elegance is absolute stunner and a perfect gift for those who love handcrafted beauty. Originally hand woven by skilled weavers and it is available online and delivered all across the country. Handloom sarees have come a long way and now as they are mostly available on our online platforms. There is a cottage industry in rural India celebrates all our traditional art and roots.

Green Bhagalpuri Linen Saree with Zari Border: The authentic Bhagalpuri linen saree has been made using a pretty green fabric and enhanced with a golden zari border. The soft fabric makes it ideal for summers. It comes with matching blouse material.

Light Blue Bhagalpuri Linen Saree with Zari Border: A refined and classy piece, this saree has been handcrafted in pure linen. It comes with a gorgeous golden zari border for added grace.

Black Bhagalpuri Linen Saree with Zari Border: You can never go wrong with black and gold-and the gorgeous saree just proves that. Handcrafted in pure linen, this black saree has been enhanced with a golden zari border. It comes with matching blouse material.

Light Blue Bhagalpuri Linen Saree with Double Border: This breathtaking saree has been made by the skilled weavers of Bhgalpuri in light blue linen. A double border in golden zari makes it even more beautiful.

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Our linen sarees are woven with the finest looms to produce a fabric so soft that you can’t resist wearing it. The plain linen sarees are seamlessly designed, printed, with unmatched quality. The softness of the linen is exquisite by any of its contemporary and is the right choice for you if comfort is your choice or priority. Latest Plain linen sarees online have a certain old charm to them, drape a linen saree around and instead of the same old blouse switch to any traditional art oriented blouse. Linen sarees online have a certain old world charm to them, they are exquisite in every sense.

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