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Lava with Seven Chakra Beads Bracelet
Healing Bracelet made of Natural 7 stones with other lava Stones to enhance the balancing of 7 chakras present in Human Body & eliminate the imbalances retains in our body. Dimension In Inches: 2.5 Inches Dimension In Centimetres: 6.3 cm
₹1,241.00 ₹869.00
Pink Opal Chanting Beads
Pink Opal Bracelet for love and passion. Pink Opal clears and calms the heart and fills your aura with tranquility and peaceful energy. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches Dimension In Centimetres: 27.94 cm
₹699.00 ₹489.00
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Lava Beads Bracelet
₹796.00 1137.00 (30%)
Lava Beads Bracelet
Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth.Lava Stone enhances fertility. It is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so...
₹1,137.00 ₹796.00
Tiger Eye Chanting Beads
Tiger eye stimulates courage & creativity. This stone would be very good protection against negative influences. This stone would sooth nervous persons and would help in concentration. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches Dimension In Centimetres: 27.94 cm
₹1,862.00 ₹1,303.00
Purple Amethyst Chanting Beads
A beautifully handmade chanting beads made by one of the most powerful gemstones for wearing and meditating purposes. It is believed that amethyst gemstones have the power to provide their owner with stability, inner strength, courage, sobriety, and calmness. Dimension...
₹1,655.00 ₹1,159.00
Red Lava Chanting Beads
Red Jasper is a marvellous bracelet for clearing the mind during meditation and prayer. Wear it while meditating. It also stimulates passion in one’s creative work hence it brings focus and self-mastery in new ideas along with freshness. Dimension In...
₹1,759.00 ₹1,231.00
Blue Lava Chanting Beads
As a healing stone of protection, strength and fertility, Lava beads provide stability and energy in times of change. It often helps to dispels anger, cements our beliefs and provides guidance, clarity and hope in difficult times. Dimension In Inches:...
₹799.00 ₹559.00
Lava Red Chanting Beads
Say Hello to a positive new life with this chanting beads! Made from the Red Coral stone that is as sacred and powerful, these beads brings brings nobility and a new purpose to your life. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches...
₹1,862.00 ₹1,303.00
Monalica Chanting Beads
It helps to manifest desires, wealth, and success. And It bestows one with higher intellectual & analytical power. Chant these beads to manifest your long awaited desires. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches Dimension In Centimetres: 27.94 cm
₹849.00 ₹594.00
Unakite Jasper Chanting Beads
It escalates spiritual awakening and ensures growth in business and cash flow. It shows you the right path whenever you feel stuck and prevents sleep disorders and promotes sound & relaxing sleep. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches Dimension In Centimetres:...
₹1,759.00 ₹1,231.00
Coral Red Lava Chanting Beads
These chanting beads are known to Increase Confidence and Courage, Mental and Physical Health. Protects you against negativity and helps you to overcome flaws. Dimension In Inches: 11 Inches Dimension In Centimetres: 27.94 cm
₹1,655.00 ₹1,159.00

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