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A six yard fabric ideal for all occasions, the saree is the go-to garment for elegance, style, and flair. Though crafted in various materials like cotton, georgette, velvet, net, and more, silk takes the winning trophy. Silk sarees have been worn by women since time immemorial and people have admired and fawned over the same for just as long. Silk Saree wearers are constantly looking for artistic silk sarees to add to their ever-growing collection. In fact, silk sarees have garnered such a reputation that they were often used as gifts to be bestowed onto royalty.

India, a multilingual and multicultural country, flaunts a different silk saree draping style in every corner. The same saree can be worn in a different way each day of the year. Pure silk sarees and cotton silk sarees are popular options when choosing what saree to buy. Over the decades the styles, designs, and motifs have evolved to fit the latest fashion and style. 

In modern times, shopping for silk sarees online has become easier and more convenient with the peak of the internet as well as growth of e-commerce businesses. At Tjori, we offer traditional and modern sarees made with the purest and softest silk threads, as well as a wide range of designs, motifs, and colour. You can choose the perfect designer silk saree suitable for your occasion. 

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Find a range of silk sarees at Tjori, blended with traditional motifs, designs and weavings, reflecting art forms from across India. Most popular of these are the Tussar silk sarees, handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. The sombre colour and designs make these sarees ideal for any formal or semi-formal occasion. The silk for these sarees has been derived from silkworms feeding and living on wild forest trees and not Mulberry plants. The main centre for the manufacturing of Tussar silk is Bhagalpur, Bihar. The Tussar silk sarees are highly valued for their texture and natural gold colour. 

We also have a wide range of cotton silk and chanderi silk sarees, showcasing classic traditional Indian prints. The vibrant colours of the designs add to the elegance of the garment. These have been adorned and enhanced with classic Bagru patterns and Ikat weaves. We have the perfect silk saree that is sure to be suitable for any occasion, from formal dinners to casual meet with friends.

Our designer silk sarees have been tailored and crafted so as to drape beautifully against a woman’s curve and to add elegance to her posture and walk. The complimentary colours add to the charm of the garment as well as pull attention to certain parts of the outfit. Yo can easily choose the type of silk saree through our filters and collections. The shopping experience at Tjori is simple and interesting, with so many collections to choose from. Our prices are also affordable and reflect the superior quality of the material and fabric.

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The age old art of saree draping has only evolved with the change in fashion, style, and culture. The designs, motifs, and embellishments have also evolved with the times. However, sarees still remain the elegant and exquisite garment that most Indian women choose for formal and traditional occasions. Depending on the occasion, the silk saree can be worn with matching or contrasting blouse, and intricate jewelry. The go-to footwear is usually open toe heels, but this can change, depending on the event. Choosing the right blouse, its design, colour, silhouette, and material, is often as important as choosing the saree itself. This is because the blouse helps to complete the entire look that the draped silk saree is trying to achieve. The correct blouse and jewelry can only enhance the saree and its look.

We offer unique silk saree made with pure threads as well as mixed with cotton and chanderi that are a must-have in every silk saree lover’s wardrobe collection. A good saree can do to your look what no other women's clothing can do. The designer sarees have been designed and handcrafted in the best quality materials, guaranteeing wonderful colours and sturdiness. Some silk sarees can also be passed from generation to generation, creating a tradition and heritage.

Tjori Experience

At Tjori, online shopping is relaxing and an easy process. The garments have been segregated based on collections as well as categories, so you can steer through our products with ease. You can further use filters and search to find the perfect silk saree for you. You can find our entire range of sarees under the category by the same name and get more information on it through descriptions and images. The prices reflect the quality of the sarees, and since we use only the best of materials, the prices are appropriate. The easy check out system and various payment options makes the process fast and simple.

You simply have to go through the website and find the perfect saree for you and add it to the cart. The checkout methods are fast and reliable, and we will deliver the designer silk saree to your doorstep in perfect condition. Choose only the best fabric and design for your saree with Tjori.

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