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Tussar silk also known as Kosa silk in Sanskrit. It’s an exemplary thread obtained from the moth. These moths are believed to have wide wings which are true wonders of the earth. There are circular in shape and reflects as a mirror.

The process in the making of the Tussar silk is as interesting as the fabric itself. Tussar silk sarees are obtained from the forest as they are not found in any other place. In the order to make skill, silkworms the moth is killed, then the cocoon is dried in the sun. There are always variations in making the silk thread. Sometimes silkworms are allowed to leave the cocoon before it gets into boiling water for the extraction of silk. Cocoons are collected with a specification that they have to be single-shelled and oval in shape. The extract is then boiled to produce yarn.

Tussar silk is considered to be more textured than other silk and it has shorter fibers. It has a dull gold sheen which makes it more appropriate for a wedding and traditional function.

Making of tussar silk sarees:

Tussar Silk sarees are lot more textured than mulberry silk saree. It’s an epitome of delicacy, rich textured attribute and the natural sheen. Blending the finest threads with best weaving techniques, these saris are inspired from traditions and values. The dull texture radiates works as a suitable base for embroideries as well as prints motifs that are inspired by nature and its beauty. Floral patterns are imprinted on the sari as well as designs like leafs, tress, buds and more.

Different types of Tussar silk sarees online

The production of Tussar silk saree is done with silk threads and different fabrics. Tussar silk sarees which are also known as Kosa Silk sarees are beautiful in their sheen. A lot of Tussar silk is produced in Bihar Bhagalpur. As you all know Bhagalpuri silk is also famous in the genre of saris. You can check the authenticity by burning a thread of it and with a keen eye check whether it is burning like hair or leaving a solid residue. If yes, then it is not authentic. This is how you can check real silk vs fake silk thing. You can also buy Tussar sarees online at Tjori with the assurance of authenticity. 

Tussar silk material costs around 3000 and goes up to a lakh as well. It depends on the fabric and where are you buying it form.

If you are concerned about the maintenance of Tussar silk, get relieved it is not difficult at all. However, two things have to be taken into consideration that the fabric doesn’t cling to any stain. Losing the sheen of the fabric can be prevented by keeping to safe in a malmal cloth and also, getting it dry cleaned every three months.

How to style it:

To wear a tussar silk saree you need to have three things which are the six-yard drape (sari), a classy blouse (crop Top) and a petticoat which is used to drape the sari neatly.

These saris are beautifully handcrafted so they don’t need many things to style. You can easily make it look dead drop gorgeous with a nice pair of Jhumkas (earrings) and an astonishing necklace which you can easily find on Tjori also, you can make an everlasting impression by pulling a statement necklace on with this sari.

The go-to footwear with this type of sari would be traditional or ethnic. Find a nice pair of ethnic heels or flats. If you are not comfortable with the heels then you can always opt for flats or Juttis. Do remember to keep the footwear on as you wear the saree so, that you drape it properly with appropriate length and style.

At Tjori, you can buy Tussar silk sarees online easily in different styles and patterns at the best prices. Also, you can get ethnic footwear, handcrafted Jewellery to complete your look.

Tussar Silk Sarees
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