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Brass Utensils

India has been the blessed with rich art and creators. There are several reflections our culture, heritage and architecture. An Indian handicraft has an established place in the heart of many. The rich culture diversity has been the influence over these art pieces and utensils. Here I would love to give a brief introduction about some amazing forms of handicrafts or you can say kitchen wonders. These even add richness to our country’s culture celebration. As we have read and seen some of our ancient people use these brass and kansa utensils.

Brass Utensils: A symbol of prosperity and honor since humans started settling. The Lohars or the early blacksmiths from Rajasthan bought brass sheets from Ahmedabad and created the first brass utensils. Once, a dazzling element in the royal kitchens, they are now found in museums or handed down through generations as family heirlooms. Traditionally water was always stored in brass utensils and even food was served in brass utensils. This was due to the highly appreciable properties brass posses. It is made of zinc and copper that has beneficial for our health. Food and water stored and served to make the food full of nutrition. Brass utensils are not only long-lasting and classy, they are simply the perfect way to make your lifestyle better.

Pick any from the Indian Treasures:

Being in India, gives you the liberty of exploring the unknown truths and art forms. In the lanes of small cities I found people using the same and old bronze and copper platters, bowls etc. It made feel that I am back to my maternal home.  It was then a tradition to eat and drink in bronze or you can say ‘kansa’ and ‘thalis’, spoons and various dishes. Well, we don’t when and how steel, plastic and born china took place of this authentic and beautiful kitchenware. Do you know that metals aren’t just beautiful but also have properties to heal our body? You can get contemporary antique french copper ones to the traditional brass, copper and bronze Indian cookware.

Modernity has masked our tradition in such a way that we often fail to realize how important they are for us. One such lost tradition is the use of copper utensils. Come and join hands with us to keep ancient tradition alive with our quality copper vessels and brass utensils.

Buy the Best Kansa Utensils from Tjori:

We are creating the best of these aesthetic utensils in Brass and Kansa. Do you know why that is? It is because we want your body and health to breathe easily in this polluted environment. The mythologies of our ancestor have made everything with so much efforts and studies. 

  1. Royal Brass Dinner Set: This twelve piece brass appetizer set includes four thalis, four vegetable bowls. Ayurvedic studies state that eating in brass vessels offers medicinal properties and promote healthy growth.
  2. Kansa Thali Set: This is a perfect set for your lovely kitchen. When you eat in these the health benefits will work and these will definitely be seen on the skin as well as in the body.
  3. Brass Hand Craved Glasses:  Known for its medicinal properties, these glasses have been crafted in brass. They showcase intricate designs that have been carved by artisans from India.
  4. Set of Three Copper Steel Pots with Lid:

A set of three, these kitchen pots have been designed in different sizes for different dishes and qualities. Made in copper with steel insides, it comes with glass lids to help the food to cook faster and better.

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