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Elegant Handcrafted Velvet Sarees:

Every now and then, we find ourselves so drawn towards fashion item and seem to want it in your wardrobe as soon as you see them. Much like a modern-day love affair, isn’t it? We are here talking about the contemporary velvet sarees. Not only does it give us oodles of confidence, but also makes us look simply gorgeous. It is also a great way to start focusing on your style and put the latest velvet sarees in your wardrobe and experiment. Just log on to your favourite saree website and get your hands on beautiful velvet saree. You do not need to a fashionista to carry of beautiful piece of elegance even if it is your first time wearing it. Rest assured that it will all be a glorifying statement that will please you, if you want to add you can try a off shoulder blouse design with this type of saree. This will enhance the whole look of the outfit. All you need to do is to choose from the different styles of velvet saree, some may have borders or may be styled with embroidery. Pick the ones you like and style it according to your taste.

Contemporary Designs For You

Velvet sarees, due to its feature-soft texture and was previously sported only by royalty. The velvet sarees were first offered to the nobility in Baghdad around 809 A.D by Kashmir merchants. This incident took happen in the Mamluk sultanate era. Cairo became the largest manufacturer and exporter of the product fabric. It also became the symbol of pure beauty and undeniable prosperity. Latest velvet sarees collection can be preferably wore at gala events. The velvet fabric is mad using a special process that involves a loom that produces dual layers of the fabric-in olden days, it was handmade and could only be afforded by the elite class people. There are many kinds of velvet, some of them are Devore velvet, velveteen, crushed velvet and so on. The kuba velvet is perhaps the best kinds, and is made by people from kasai province of the democratic Republic of Congo. Velvet sarees online in India have always been a major hit with the masses and were worn by queens of yore. Get yourself a new fashion statement with these beautiful velvet sarees.

Make A Statement Of Your Own

Are you ready to explore latest collection of velvet saree online for a week long wedding celebrations. Make sure to include an embellished or embroidered blouse to make the saree stand out. If you love the feel of ethnic wear then this is perfect for you. Go for an off-shoulder blouse or a net blouse with your velvet saree online and give your style a new statement. If you love the style then don’t forget to add ethnic earrings with pearl with heels.

You can try many things with velvet sarees such as contemporary jewellery and boho jewellery. Experiment with your style, today’s the fashion industry is growing each day, there is something new coming up. You can always try on new things and style them in your way. It is important to know if you are comfortable or not, making yourself over board with things won’t look good. Make sure you feel comfortable while wearing it. You can always wear different types of blouses and experiment with your style and wardrobe. You always need a perfect saree to make your wardrobe stand out of the crowd, make sure to add a velvet saree in it for a statement collection.

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