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Though footwear may be the last thing you put on before you leave home, it is among one of the first things that people notice about you. Even from far away, they take in your appearance and then glance down to your feet. An important part of the outfit, your footwear indicates your personality, your style, and your choice. The silhouette of the shoe, the design, the colour, and the shape, are all major factors in enhancing your outfit. Shoes offer the functional use of protecting your feet from the hard and dirty ground, but more importantly, act as a style statement. Your choice can make or break your entire outfit, and the wrong choice can be deemed as a major fashion faux pas. Not all silhouettes match all outfits, and thus, great care must be taken while choosing your shoes for western wear, contemporary wear, and ethnic wear. 

At Tjori, we offer a wide range of ladies footwear for women of all ages and backgrounds. We have something to suit the styling tastes of almost all women, from classics to quirky. We also offer various silhouettes, varying from pencil heels to wedges to ballerina flats to slider mules. We also offer designs for different occasions, be it casual everyday wear or fancy festive wear. Experiment with the different styles and colours to find what works for you and your outfit the best. Having made shopping easier with just a few clicks of the mouse, our range of ethnic footwear for women is now easily accessible on our website as well as other e-market platforms.

Online Shopping For Footwear

The world of online shopping has opened great doorways for you, offering a variety of designs, styles, and colours at one place. It gives you the freedom to choose what you think is best at the most reasonable prices. It is constantly pushing us to better our products in terms of quality and design, constantly working to offer you only the best. Customer is king and we enjoy spoiling our king with choice and quality. Find the best balance between comfort and style by trying different styles before picking the one that suits you best. Every footwear collection must have certain essentials that are required for every occasion. 

At Tjori, we have made it easy for you to indulge in heels, flats, and chappal online shopping. Any pair that you may need for any occasion is now available and accessible to you at one place. To make your shopping experience better, we also suggest similar products and allow you to search and filter products if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Priced reasonably, we offer footwear that is one of a kind and made to cushion your feet throughout the day. We also offer a sizing chart so you can order your exact foot size without any trouble at all!

Spoilt For Choices

At Tjori, you are thoroughly spoilt for choices. We offer an extensive range of handmade footwear, designed by in-house designers and crafted by skilled Indian artisans. Take your pick from a variety of slider mules, ballerina flats, kolhapuri shoes, oxford shoes, pencil and block heels, wedges, juttis, and many more. Flaunting designs and crafts from around the world, you can find our footwear adorned with tassles, studs, fabric, embroidery, prints, and more. Some popular motifs are Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Baghru, Block Print, and more. You can also choose from festive adornments such as dabka embroidery, zari embroidery, brocade fabric, and more. 

Each design and adornment has been carefully selected to match the silhouette of the footwear and adding a touch of tradition to your outfit. The motifs and embellishments only enhance the designs, making them unique and elegant. Find a variety of styles to choose from for all occasions, including weddings, parties, and everyday casuals. A combination of style and comfort, our shoes fit beautifully around your foot, aiding you in making a fashion statement. For those with bolder tastes and preferences, we also like to experiment with crafts and silhouettes. We offer silhouettes inspired by Moroccan Kilims, Aghani, Lambani, and Rabari cultures, and more are part of our collections. Many of our collections have been enhanced with toda embroidery, Ikat weaves, kantha embroidery, and more. You can also find denim footwear, ideal to be worn with denim outfits on an everyday basis.

A fusion of traditional crafts and modern fashion, our collections are distinct and one-of-a-kind. We try and bring to our customers never-seen-before designs and patterns all the while maintaining our quality standards and brand essence. We use only the best quality materials for our products and each product goes through various in-house quality checks before being shipped to our customers. The footwear is comfortable for long hours of wear and can last for years when maintained and cared for well. Handmade to perfection, each design flaunts a hint of tradition and charm.

A Shoe For Every Occasion

Every woman’s footwear collection must include unique designs reserved especially for special occasions. These occasions may be festivals, weddings, or parties, but require a little extra oomph. These shoes add that extra factor without stealing the show from the overall outfit. No one shoe can be worn for all occasions and hence, while shoe shopping, the occasion must be kept in mind. Narrowing the outfit also helps, since particular silhouettes go best with particular outfits. 

At Tjori, we help you build an exquisite collection of footwear that is ideal for all occasions. We understand your indulgences and take our collections very seriously, often going above and beyond to bring to you exclusive designs and fusions. We help you curate a collection with unique add-ons that are quirky, eccentric, traditional, and quintessential. Each pair has been designed to become a part of your personal style statement, only adding to the beauty of your outfit. Mix and match our footwear with various outfits to create looks that are funky, bold, unusual, and chic. We help you make impressions that last a lifetime.