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Let your home tell a story. Decorating your space is always a task, which colour, what fabric? Everything is a question. Here comes Tjori for rescue. It is important to understand your colour choice, the way you want to portray your space and how much you want to spend? There is a variety of choices. We always want to ensure that the house is clean, organized and well decorated in our own style. India the land of culture and heritage which makes it easier for us to find some of the best options for designer home decor and fabrics. Tjori has always stood for the best and the most astonishing handcrafted home decor.

Add a dash of colours and designs to your space with handcrafted Kutch designed bed covers, pillow covers, lamp shades, Quilts, Wooden storage and more. How these handcrafted beauties are made?

Handcrafted home décor has come along in the history itself. The delight of hand-woven and traditional fabric comes with supreme sophistication. For instance, let’s take Kalamkari as a fabric which is used in making these beautiful décor. Kalamkari is a print technique formed by using a pen and was originated in Hyderabad. In the ancient times, the cavemen decorated there ‘homes’ with natural dyes and painted designs which looked exceptionally beautiful. The designs of that time were inspired by nature and people. In today’s time also, we believe that the simplicity and elegance of our traditional forms have nowhere to be seen in other designer home décor. We want to ensure that our traditional value marks it journey and stay with us forever. Tjori offers exquisite home décor products that are truly inspired by our own culture and art. 

Pick the Best Home Décor from Tjori:

Taking your home seriously when it comes to home décor is really important. Shopping online is always easy, comfortable and hassle-free. You should choose colour according to your room colour as if you have off-white walls which normally every other Indian home has in there space. Every colour will work the dark would add colour the light would be given a shining effect to the room. Place exemplary lampshades right beside your bed to add a little warmth to the room.

Tjori works wonders at making your home a delightful place and full of charm. The accessories have been creatively made to suit your space and let other complement you on your décor. Whether it is a simple home décor or a royal one, Tjori has everything which you need for prepping up your home for the next big day. Add more value and depth to your home with our explicit range of bedroom décor, accessories, wall decors and other things.

Buy the Best Home Décor Products with Tjori:

Decorate your space with the most impressive products range. The collections have different textures and designs which are made with traditional designs like kalamkari, Ajrakh, Ikat and more. Stylish and handcrafted art pieces directly fetched from artisans from across the globe. Lighting is the key to make the room ambience and the aroma with oils. Refresh your décor with

Tjori Few Enchanting Range of Home Décor is as Follows:

Wall décor: Inspired by small villages and culture, these Madhubani paintings are handcrafted using handmade paper and decorated with natural dyes extracted from the flowers and leaves.

Lamp shades: A beautiful floral border and different designs enhanced with the white cloth or other. These pretty table lamps rest on iron stands are a delight for the living or bedroom décor.

Find the best picks for your home from Tjori at the best prices.