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Over the years, jewelry has evolved and today, it is no longer about frivolous pieces of adornments that flaunt the wealth and social status of a family. Till a decade ago, women invested in expensive stones such as diamonds, topaz, amethyst, and the likes to flaunt their wealth and social standing. Though such ideas still persist in some corners of society, jewelry has evolved to enhance outfits as well as make fashion and style statements. Almost every woman today holds dear a personalized box filled with adornments, trinkets, and charms that embody their style statement. 

Historians and archeologists have found stone, bone, and wooden adornments from civilizations around the world, proving that woman have used trinkets as jewellery since forever. Cave paintings and carvings from all corners of the world have also depicted styling items made with shells and stones. Since then, various materials have been used for styling, including brass, metal, enamel, stones, fabric, and more. Jewelry has also played a large part in social customs and norms in our society. Men have, time and again, opted to gift and lavish their other halves with expensive adornments. From rings to necklaces, all forms of bodily decorations have been fair game. 

At Tjori, we offer a wide range of handmade jewelry options in never seen before designs, materials, and silhouettes. Heavily inspired by crafts and traditions from around the world, our collection of contemporary adornments are unique, distinct, and a fusion of traditional crafts and modern fashion. Priced reasonably, all our collections are housed under on website but can also be found on other e-commerce marketplaces.

Fusion Jewellery For All

Handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans, Tjori offers a wide variety of products in different crafts, colours, silhouettes, and more. We have something for everyone and for all occasions. From ethnic jewellry to contemporary trinkets, you can find all under one roof and at the click of a button. Make your own style statement by creatively pairing our adornments with ethnic or western wear. You can match or contrast, go bold or subtle, depending on your personal style, tastes, and preferences. 

We offer silver jewellery online to make beautiful collections easily available to you. Each collection has been carefully curated and each silver adornment has been created by skilled artisans in the highest quality materials. Adorned with enamel, beads, and more, the silver collection has been inspired by Afghani cultures, tribal jewellery, and current fashion to create embellishments that have been imbibed with the essence of Tjori.

For unique and bold designs, our designers have created unique kullu patti necklaces, leather earrings and bracelets, clay bead anklets and necklaces, raw silk maang tikas, and metal nose pins, among many other. For weddings and traditional occasions, we have polki jewellery sets, as well as temple adornments and designs inspired by Indian cultures and traditions. Our products also include gold-plated designs that are sure to enhance the look of your outfit. Now you can shop for a choice of designs, colours, and styles without moving from your bed or sofa! Each trendy design is a unique addition to your jewelry box.

If you’re looking for something subtle for office wear or formal occasions, we have got your back with our collections of bead designs, dainty jewelry, and silver adornments. They only subtly enhance the outfit so as to not make you feel bare, without bringing too much attention to yourself. It maintains a professional decorum and can easily be paired with ethnic as well as western outfits. 

Quality Designs Under One Roof

At Tjori, we take pride in offering only the best to our customers. Each product is first meticulously designed by our team of designers before being crafted by skilled artisans using top quality materials and finishing. Each product is checked and rechecked before being shipped to ensure that the quality bar has been met. We take pride in the wide cultural heritage of Indian traditions and use it to create jewellery designs that are trendy, upbeat, and one of a kind. 

The true mastership of a piece of adornment lies in the intricate carvings and appeal at one glance of the accessories. We take special care to create designs that not only enhance the outfit but also fit with the wearer’s style quotient. Depending on the occasion, our designs vary from heavily carved with motifs to classic beads and chains. You can pick and choose your jewelry option from necklaces, earrings, nose rings and pins, maang tikas, head adornments, anklets, nose pins, and much more. Each option transforms your outfit and adds a much needed oomph to it without going overboard. 

We have something for all occasions, from weddings to music and cultural fests. Choose from endless options till you find one that fits your style and matches your outfit. You can either compliment or contrast your outfit with your choice of jewellery. From effortless styling to uptown bling, we have it all. At our website, we make it easy for you to find what you are looking for by segregating each design into collections as well as categories, so you can choose from craft or silhouettes. If you know exactly what you want and don’t wish to browse through, you can simply search with our search bar. 

Add the most distinct designs and adornments to your jewelry box with our diverse collections and designs, inspired by traditional wear such as Marathi jewels, kullu patti adornments, tribal trinkets, afghani cultural inspirations, and rudraksh designs. We also have a collection designed exclusively by our designers that exude a fierce and bold look. This season, find the trendiest handcrafted pieces to add to your personal collection at Tjori. From nose pins to maang tikas and anklets, we have jewellery to enhance your look from head to toe. Each design has been appropriately priced keeping in mind the quality of the materials as well as the work and effort that has been put into producing it. Walk into the party with your head held high, adorned in beautiful trinkets that will have everyone’s eyes on you. 

Different Types of Jewellery:

There are so many types of jewellery which women adore reluctantly. Keep your signature style intact with Tjori’s range of jewellery and accessories. Here are types of jewellery which you can incorporate in your daily life.

Filigree Jewellery:

Indian culture is embellished with many varieties of jewellery and filigree work is one of the most beautiful forms. It has been created by the craftsmen since ages. Filigree basically refers to gold or silver wires interwoven to make lace like pattern. It is considered to be the perfect form of art to be to make intricate designs. The delicacy of this art makes it more alluring and classic.

Gold Jewellery:

The gold ornament gives a statement, these statement gold jewellery sets will serve as an on-trend fashion statement. You can wear gold with many outfits such as saree, Kurtis and many others. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest types of jewellery.

Stone Jewellery:

One of the most beautiful sets of jewellery is stone. Many precious or semi-precious stones are used in making stone jewellery. Mostly stone jewellery is made of natural stone which is preoccupied from natural fossils. You can find these online and pair with an elegant dress or ethnic wear.

Temple Jewellery:

It is Indian jewellery which can also be called spiritual jewellery or bridal jewellery. As the name suggests it was earlier adorn idols of Indian deities, gods and goddesses. The ornaments that comprise of these intricately crafted big pieces of jewellery which can be classified into bangles, necklace, earrings and nose rings, etc.

Tribal jewellery:

Some of the adjectives which can be used to describe tribal jewellery are earthen, quirky, funky, etc. The art of tribal jewellery originated from the tribal women who use to make this jewellery out of the tin and other metals as they did not have any means to get gold or silver. The tribes used to create jewellery like bangles, ear cuffs, toe rings, and earrings, etc. You can still find them on many platforms online.

Silver Jewellery:

Silver has been long valued as a precious metal. This type of jewellery can be found easily in many places. Silver is a contemporary kind of jewellery, you can find many types of ornaments adorned with silver like bangles, waistbands, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. It is one of the most worn jewellery.

Navratna Jewellery:

Navratna means nine gems; jewellery created in this style has a cultural significance in Indian religious. It can be worn with any traditional outfit to any function.

Meenakari Jewellery:

Meenakari works of Rajasthan has been one of the most beautiful and traditional types of jewellery. It is mostly seen in bridal collection for the Indian brides. The beauty of this type of jewellery is created through the intensity of technical skills and creativity which gives you perfect meenakari jewellery. 

Kundan Jewellery:

It evolved from the traditional style of Rajasthani and Gujarati royalty. The word ‘kundan’ means a highly reformed or pure form of gold. In this form of jewellery, uncut glass or gemstones are set on pure gold foils to create layers of intricate designs.  Kundan jewellery became popular among common citizens once they begin to set on silver and other ornaments.

Pachchikam Jewellery:

The exquisite appeal of Pachchikam or pachhi jewellery has helped it acquire a vogue status in the contemporary world. The centuries-old Indian jewellery art has suddenly been revived by contemporary jewellery designers. The handcrafted jewellery art can be classified pachchikam bangles, earrings, necklaces, armlets, trinkets, etc.

Lac Jewellery:

The prominent craft of Rajasthan was developed by tribal people of the state. Once the craft of tribal people, lacquer jewellery is now the rage of urban India. The accessories made of lac jewellery can be classified as bangles, earrings, and headbands, etc.

Ivory Jewellery:

Ivory has been used for both manufacturing and art since time immemorial. In terms of art, ivory has been used to make sculptures, carvings, images of gods. Nowadays, however, ivory is mostly used in making jewellery. You can get bangles and many other types of jewellery in this type.

Antique Jewelry:

It is not considered mainstream and has no longer a popular product that is why it is known as Antique ‘jewellery’. This kind of jewellery has a dull and rough look, combined with old world charms which are considered one of the major fact this is loved by women all around the world.

Bead Jewellery:

Bead art in India is five thousand years old and dates back to the time of Indus Valle Civilization. People of that time used to make beads out of gold, silver, copper, clay and even wood. It is colourful and looks exemplary.

Bridal Jewellery:

In India, a great tradition of wedding happens which makes the bridal jewellery is essential. Made with superior metals and excellent quality, Jewellery accentuates that beauty of the bride. Though these days silver and platinum jewellery are gaining popularity the traditional essence can be acquired by kemp or many other forms.

Fashion Jewellery:

Fashion jewellery is a form of jewellery. It is also known as costume jewellery, mainly for the reason that it is made of metal and doesn’t stay for long. It is trend based jewellery which often keeps changing with the course of time.

Handcrafted jewelry:

Talking about jewellery, India is considered as one of the best jewellery makers in handmade jewellery. There are so many craftsmen and artisans who make handcrafted jewellery in different types and designs.

Stud Earrings:

These earrings are the shortest form of earrings and they fit right at the earlobe sturdily. Wear stud earrings over tops or tunics and head for college.


Jhumkis are the traditional type of earrings which can be worn with flared suits like Anarkali Kurtis and Flared Kurtis etc.

Hoop Earrings:

A hoop Earrings form is a complete hoop from the earlobe and is visible in round structure, they are best suited with jeans and nice shirts.

Thread Earrings:

Thread earrings are two-faced and have chain detail behind their backside. These can be worn with designer suits and sarees.

Drop Earrings:

Drop earrings are like tender drop hanging from the earlobes. These go pretty well with the georgette saree and suits.

Exquisite Rings:

Rings are one of the pieces that are not missed by any woman out there. Single studded or multi stud rings can be found in local shops and market but wearing Afghani rings or any other type of ring can be found at our online store.


Necklaces and chokers are substantial Pieces that cannot be replaced if you are going for a formal event or any other gala events. Chokers can be seen in various elements such as metals and other types.


This is mostly loved by college going girls and women who don’t want to wear the heavy ‘payals’. It is also used as a symbol of marriage in India. It enhances the look and adds a dash of charm to your outfit.

Nose Rings:

The most admired ornament for Indian women is the Nath or a nose rings. It adds an extra charm to any outfit. It is traditionally worn by all the married women and has changed dimensions throughout the time. It is now fashion with the foreign people as well.

Waist Band:

It is also known as waistband which can be perfectly paired with designer saree or bridal lehenga. It enhances the waistline pretty well.