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Men's Kurta Pyjama

Since the time that clothing emerged traces of kurtas can be found from Central Asia from dates as back as the emergence of Mughals.

Whenever it comes to men’s traditional clothing one thing that never went out of style is the ‘KURTA PAYJAMA’ which is also known as the ‘collarless shirt’. With more and more fads coming and going in the men’s fashion, there is still no replacement of the traditional men’s kurta and we at Tjori bring you a very fine collection of ethnic men’s clothing.

Each and every single piece of the men’s kurta payjama collection has been hand-made and handpicked by our very own in-house experts at Tjori.

Online market has brought ease to our lives especially for working people, anything you like is just a click away plus it provides comfort and much wider choice for you to purchase from.

From handcrafted to hand-embroidered all types of kurta payjama for men can be found online.

Types of kurta payjama’s for men

-During the Mughal reign the kurtas were worn by the kings majorly in the Kali Pattern or commonly known as the Anarkali pattern or along with a plain dhoti or payjama.

-Then the Bhopali Kurta which as the name itself suggests its origin roots back to Bhopal and it was usually knee-length or longer.

-Then the Hyderabadi Kurta which is named after the royal state of Hyderabad and is like a short top that sits around the waist and was majorly made in white color only but with advancement more color’s also emerged.

-Then the Luknowi Kurti was worn by the royals of Lucknow and it could be short as well as long.

-Then kurta’s became common for all types and one thing that remained the same despite the new innovations was the major style of it was same.


The best part of the kurta payjama is that when it comes to keeping our rich culture alive you can don the ethnic kurta which is inspired by the fusion of traditional and modern kurta thus enabling a person to sport a formal as well as casual look along with comfort.

Wearing traditional can be really hectic and tiring because of the restricted body movement in the fabric but with the introduction of ethnic clothing, it has become very much easy and convenient as it gives a traditional look as well as comfort.


When it comes to festivities women always have a very larger array of choice for clothing but when it comes to men’s traditional clothing there are very limited choices available but Tjori plans on bringing about diversity in this by providing finer type clothing in a limited range for men’s apparel.

So from now onwards no more getting crazy after the thought of what to wear and from where to get it because all you have to do is click the right buttons and your kurta is on your way for the function.



The plain kurta payjama is a type that goes well in almost all types of functions from puja to casual evening outing, it is comfortable as well as good to the sight.


This is my personal favourite as it gels-up with anything and almost everything with no discomfort. Ethnic Kurta goes well with jeans as well as a payjama or salwar or balloon lower thus giving more choices to don with.

In addition, it is a fusion of traditional and modern thus giving an all-together look to you.


The most charmed and awaited category is the traditional kurta and payjama as it gives you so many choices and the range of your choice.

*You can style a traditional kurta with a churidar and take a chunni or stole as an accessory or

* you can wear a printed kurta with a payjami  or salwar and look like your favourite celeb


*even the Nehru jacket on a kurta payjama looks so elegant for a function etc.

In short with more and more men’s fashion changing and updating a wider choice is being provided to them along with a very fine quality.

Kurta can be short as well as long, the long ones give more of a traditional look but if you have to attend a college function or an event you can also rock your look with the mid length or short length kurta.



Events like republic day, independence-day or be it the birthday of a famous leader or freedom fighter you can pick a plain medium length kurta and style it with jeans or a payjama.


The most awaited function in any family is of a marriage as it is a very big celebration for all. You can wear as many types of kurtas as you want from plain to embroidered and from short length to knee length.


Starting from Besakhi and going till New Year festivals come a long way giving you more choices for wearing ethnic.

One can wear a kurta on as many occasions as you wish be it Diwali-Holi-Besakhi-Ganesh Cathurti-Eid-Dushehra or any other. From a plain khadi to an exclusive hand embroidered silk kurta there are unlimited varieties for you.

If the festival is major then you can style your kurta with a churidar or salwar and if it is like a casual get together then you can style it with your jeans.