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Hair Removal With Pink Salt Uptan

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Formulated with Himalayan pink salt and rare herbs, this ubtan gently removes unwanted hair while rejuvenating your skin. Revel in the nourishing properties of our natural ingredients and see the difference with regular use.
_x000D_ Net Weight 50 gms

How to use?

Directions to use - Mix with rosewater or aloe vera for normal skin. Use with milk for dry skin. Use with yogurt for oily skin. Mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice to reduce pigmentation. Apply on your face and body and keep for 10 minutes. Gently wash with fresh water. Remove immediately if you experience any itching or burning sensation.


Himalayan Pink Salts,Chick Pea flour, Haldi, Sugar, Saffron, Orange Peel Powder. Other Ingredients : Manjistha, Tulsi Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Rose Petal Powder, Oats Flour, Wheat Flour Choker, Coconut Husk

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Question :Is it for the body or can be applied on the face as well?
Answer :It is safe to use for both face and body. However, scub very gently on the face.
Question :Can I apply it on my daughter's face, she's 3 years old?
Answer :It has all natural food grade ingredients that makes it safe for all age groups and can be used daily.
Question :Does it actually reduce the hair and how long does it take?
Answer :Yes, it will help reduce the re-growth of hair and makes the existing hair softer and lighter in color. It usually takes 45 days to see a difference.
Question :How does it work on the hair, does it have any bleaching agent?
Answer :It has natural bleaching ingredients that works on the skin to reduce the hair growth along with exfoliating the skin.
Question :Can it be applied daily?
Answer :It can be used daily as it is made from natural ingredients. But when using daily, scrub it gently and not rigorously.
Question :Does it have to be rigorously scrubbed on the hair?
Answer :Yes a thick consistent paste has to be made and then scrubbed on the body.
Question :After scrubbing , anything needs to be applied?
Answer :It is not important to apply anything on the skin. However, one can apply rose water if needed. 


7 Review


Ashika JaffarJune 26, 2019


Ashima SardanaMarch 5, 2019
I started using it 3 months before my wedding on the hair on my lower back. Used it regularly and found that the existing hair naturally became lighter in lighter and there was a reduction in hair growth. Can't complain at all, worth a buy and it is totally an honest product.


Gursakhi LuganiFebruary 28, 2019
It's a good scrub for the body, feels clean and bright after using it. But there is a mild irritation on the skin till the time it is not washed off, seems that is what reduces the hair. Overall it's a good product for deep exfoliation.


Kavya RawatAugust 26, 2018
pink salt hair removal has worked for me so, thank you tjori for doing this. Amazing product what a great service.


Suchita KumariAugust 24, 2018
Body hair has reduced from this product, i am using this from two months now and ordering it again. nice product!


Kinjal AroraJuly 4, 2018
fab product this is, really helps in removing hair, great on body hair. This works slowly but it helps a lot.


Gurisha KàmràApril 28, 2018
In how much time it will take to reduce facial hair growth???
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