Chanderi Sarees

Pastel Green Chanderi Silk Cotton Saree with Gota Embroidery

Pastel Green Chanderi Silk Cotton Saree with Gota Embroidery

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Handcrafted Chanderi Sarees- An Ancient Classic

Chanderi fabric is believed to date back to the Vedic period. Back at that time also the charm of Chanderi fabric was foreseen by the Mughals, Rajputs and the Maratha dynasties. The battles were fought between the clans, there were queens who performed various activities and were actively participating in the battlefields for their honor and pride. Everything rested at peace and was riddled up in stories and fables but what survived throughout was the magic of Chanderi which is known to us as Chanderi sari. In the Mughal era itself, the embroidery motifs on those Chanderi Sarees were mostly done gold ans silver threads.

There are majorly three types of chanderi fabrics- pure cotton chanderi, silk chanderi and cotton silk chanderi. The main attraction of this fabric is the unique "buttis" and motifs. However, these patterns have evolved with time like starting from the coin pattern, floral patterns, peacocks to geometrical patterns. Earlier the authentic chanderi saree was made with original gold, silver and copper yarns which later got extinct with the royal age. Therefore now the most commonly used material is zari which looks exactly like the gold, silver yarns and moreover it makes it gorgeous in its looks and appeal. What remains the same with chanderi sarees is the motifs are still hand-woven. The magic of hand-woven chanderi saris is that they don’t lose their charisma and also they are better than the machine woven ones. The panache of this fabric lies in that they still give a royal feel. It excibits a sheer transparency, a feature that is hard to find in the hand loom industry. 

Find the Best Chanderi Saree Online at Tjori:

At Tjori you can find a lot of captivating options of chanderi saris in various colours and patterns. Preserving the purity of tradition with modern age grace, our sarees features gota embroidery, tie and dye designs and much more. Every designs and colours are curated with a keen eye. Everlasting beauty and contemporary elegance of these saris have been treasured by Tjori in the most authentic and traditional form.

Cotton Silk Chanderi:  This fabric is produced by weaving in silk and gold zari in the traditional cotton yarn. This makes alluring shimmery texture which is lightweight and has a fine luxurious feel.

Pure cotton chanderi: This particular form has pure cotton yarn and zari which is used to make chanderi cotton sarees. Here the texture is soft and shimmery due to zari.

Style it up:

To wear a saree you need to have three things which are the six-yard drape (sari), a classy blouse (crop Top) and a petticoat which is used to drape the sari neatly.

These saris are beautifully handcrafted so they don’t need many things to style. You can easily make it look dead drop gorgeous with a nice pair of earrings and an astonishing necklace which you can easily find on Tjori also, you can make an everlasting impression by pulling a statement necklace on with this sari.

The go-to footwear with this type of saree would be traditional. Find a nice pair of ethnic heels or flats. If you are not comfortable with the heels then you can always opt for flats or juttis. Do remember to keep the footwear on as you wear the saree so, that you drape it properly with appropriate length and style.

At Tjori, you can buy chanderi cotton sarees easily in different styles and patterns at the best prices. Also, you can get ethnic footwear, classy jewellery to complete your look.

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