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Buy Designer Blouses Online for Women

Dealing with complex creativity patterns and holding on to the roots of culture and ethnicity, India has remarked itself as the most diverse country manifesting the plethora of pluralities in tradition. Evidently enough, we Indians can take pride in the legacy of unwavering dressing that has been a constant for ages. Talking about history, the aftermath of every impending historical era and the ruler has impacted on the clothing styles. Here comes in the sari, yarns of decoding drapes spanning through ages and centuries that are prominent today.


Entwined with the Hindu culture, these saris don’t have an exact genesis rather it is a vexed product of religious interpretations and untraceable creativity. The midriff was imperative for every woman in a saree and the modesty was redefined with the commencement of every transitory episode of saris with every empire that rose and fell in the Indian subcontinent.

The cave murals tell us about saris and the designer blouses. In the 5th century, they depict showing full body saris. The Portuguese travelers wrapped themselves with luxurious silk garments just exposing the shoulders and arms.

In the 19th century, the women in Bengal went around bare-breasted. Diametrically in the opposite part of the world, the Europeans used to cover themselves with corsets maybe lace or silk to mark their feminine silhouette.

The saga of designer blouses traveled from the European couture, which enormously poured in during the imperial rule of the British, just like the exports. Blouses designs hence owe their popularity to the British as an essential lingerie rather than a garment, struggling to get the frame between borderline undergarment and a support for the saree.

The terms "blouse" and "petticoat" – go hand in hand and unpeeled itself in the Indian history in the Victorian era. Shirts were also worn as a part of the garment.

It was the British who unpeeled the tale of handcrafted blouses design in India that outlived the orders of the crown. Still today, some sleeves resemble the British style such styles always outgrow in Indian vogue.

Contemporary designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Masaba Gupta, Kallol Dutta intelligently play with the prints, fabrics, sleeves, necklines and backs to embrace the versatility of the attire.


The fabric of the blouse is a determining denominator of the quality of designer blouse that actually lets you decide your saree, the jewellery and the rest.

Straight out of comfort, you have the cotton blouses. From the south cotton to pristine Zari work, the designer blouse can swap your work-wear look with your wedding look in a flash!

Barring the fabric, the neckline does wonders only if you choose the right one for yourself. The blouse can add the extra edge to your boring sari so better dig in the styles before you pick!

One cannot outrun from the essence of the back in the blouse. From a tied up back to a sophisticated buttoned up back, the saree blouse online can let you be unapologetically you whenever you step out.


This may seem quite tricky but it’s simple. The saree blouse complements each other and that is how you should go about it. It is always recommendable to go for your body type rather than the sari.

If you’re the one with a heavy body type, then skip indulging in embellishments. It will overemphasize and add more weight to the silhouette rather go for monochrome blouses and bareback blouses, because you have one, then why not?

If you’re lean then there are way too many styles to pick from. So step ahead to flaunt the fascinating necklines: halter neck, turtleneck, metallic blouses, collar neck or even a peter pan neck. Name it and you got it all!

Don’t crib if you’ve got the super structured broad shoulders. Keep the blouse design short to let the toned arms get the spotlight. The noodle strap blouses and the scoop necks ones are your best friends.

So, before you step into a boutique, get the perfect pair of sari and blouse stitched to rock the look, wherever and whenever.


The Indian blouses or cholis are custom made for lehengas. After all, who wouldn’t want to fabulous?

The ready mate blouses that effortlessly slip in your body and highlights the best features of your body with just the right amount of perfection is the one you should put your hands on.

It is dicey but after trails, eventually everything sets in place. Keep in mind the neckline, the length of sleeves and the back. Go for heavy embellishments and low on the lehenga and dupatta to stand out, or keep your choli simple with decorated fancy dupattas and coordinated lehengas, there you are to conquer wherever you go!


The role of jhumkas is invincible. No saree is complete without a pair of earrings that adds on the poise of the drape. Choose simple silvers for the workwear and the day look and shift to Kundan work for the night. The maangtika is the newest addition to the list. So, make sure to let go of those neckpieces when you get the maangtika set. Jhumkas and chaandbalis will always work as your makeshift bae from a post daywear look to a glam night.

Types of Blouses Design:

Saree is never complete without a beautiful blouse. It is one of the integral parts of the outfit, here are some of the best blouse designs elaborated:

Round Design Blouse:

This is one of the oldest designs which are considered one of the best to suit every body type. If you have a toned figure then this would look wonderful on you. This is perfect to make any saree look amazing. This is slightly more exposed with a heart sign. This type of neck pattern will certainly give you perfect desired look.

High Neck Zipper Blouse Designs:

Trendy is the right word for this blouse. If you like putting up something like this then this is surely made for you. The high neck zipper blouse design adds a western touch to the outfit. The sleeveless or short sleeve will be the perfect addition to the pattern. Pair this up with a nice hair-do and saree with minimal work as you have most of the work on the blouse.

Cut Out Pattern Blouse designs:

An eternal style with nice cut out details which are popular among for sarees with embroidery. The back of your blouse can be in any shape depending on your choice. This works really well with simple and plain or solid sarees. The shape can be any like square, heart, rectangle, and triangular are some of the style or design you can opt for.

Chinese Collar Blouse Designs:

Chinese collar blouse designs are the best in the 2016 session. This type of blouse design offers you a classy look. One of the latest blouse designs is Chinese collar as it makes any saree look pretty. This work with chiffon, georgette, cotton, and linen etc.

Off-Shoulder Blouse Designs:

Off-shoulder blouses are the most beautiful style which has been most worn by most of the celebrities and other people as well. To pair this up, you should have a simple saree with minimal work and a nice pair of danglers.

Sheer Sleeves Blouse Designs:

Sheer is the new word for fashion. This blouse is amazing in a new sense, it can be worn by those who fear to wear stylish blouses designs and for those who love new trends. This works well with embroidered saree and other work-related sarees.

Flared Sleeves Blouse Designs:

This is one of the most loved styles amongst others. This is one of the best if you want to wear something indo-western. This can also be used as a crop top with your jeans or palazzos. Pair this up with a minimal saree with a nice border and make a statement.

Back Button Blouse Designs:

You may have heard about back style shirt designs in fashion blogs and at other places.  Keep the back of the blouse covered with sheer fabric and add sleeves as per your choice but prefer long sleeves and conceal buttons on the back of it. Pair this blouse with Printed sarees, florals sarees, and so many others. 

Ruffled Neck Blouse Designs:

The ruffled textures are well maintained throughout the design. The ruffle neck blouse design is well suited for sarees with heavy work or plain. These are classic blouse works for both and look sturdy. Pair this with your favourite saree.

Collared and Dori:

Restoring the enigma, this blouse design style is unique and a statement piece in itself. This has simplicity yet a touch of contemporary, this blouse looks like a vest which further fitted with Doris at the end. The mandarin collar design is a perfect addition to make your look ethnic and contemporary at the same time. Pair this up with a soft-hued sarees with a delightful border. Wear big jhumkas or baalis to complement the outfit.