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Brought in fashion by a Frenchman, the tote bags have always been a saviour when it comes to packing your stuff up and go somewhere. Originally the tote bag was introduced for the purpose of carrying bulky materials by women when they would go to the market or for shopping as their garments would not have pockets to carry small things even like penny. The word tote was derived from tate which meant “to carry”.

Tote bag for women were brought back in fashion as the new style statement bags and not just luggage bags in the 90’s by Kate Spade the famous fashion designer who created her own range of luxury handbags for women.

Ladies tote bags are most suitable for you if you are someone who loves to make a style statement by their accessory, these gorgeous tote bag not only just look perfect but also feel perfect because you can fit the whole world inside them.

Buy The Best Hand-Crafted Tote Bags Online With Tjori

At Tjori our customers are like our king and we love to spoil our king by providing them with an array of colors, types, prints, motifs and designs to choose from. What makes us unique is that these tote bags are made of cruelty free leather which means that no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of these gorgeous pieces also in addition to this our ladies tote bag are first designed by our in house experts and then carefully crafted by skilled in house artisans who work day and night to provide you with the perfect looking bags.

There is not a single woman who has had enough of her accessory shopping and especially if it were the ladies handbag. Tote bags online have considered to be an all-time favourite by women of all shapes and sizes out there. Be it Embroidered tote bag, Classic tote bag, Ethnic tote bag for women. Your fashion choice matters a lot because even from far away a person’s fashion style tells a lot about their personality and choices.

Stunning in every way, these tote bags are one of a kind and definitely a bold choice. Starting with an exclusive price of 900/-INR. The tote bags online have proved to be a life savior for a sudden travel plan.

Our Exclusive Best-Seller Tote Bags-

CHOCOLATE BROWN AJRAKH TOTE BAG- Beautifully crafted in cruelty free leather by our in house skilled artisans, this ladies tote bag is a must have for your bag’s wardrobe collection. The inner lining of this tote bag is of ajrakh print fabric which is of blue colour that not only protects the tote bag from inside but also gives a chic look.

All You Need To Know About The Ladies Tote Bags-

 The tote bags came in use when the French woman realised that they need more than a small pouch to keep their stuff while travelling. The now-famous tote bags were actually used by boaters and newspaper boys initially because they were convenient to provide comfort to the shoulder while also they could carry a whole lot of important stuff.

LL Bean introduced the first tote bags as canvas bags and it was used hugely by the newspaper boys. Many people noticed the sturdiness and simplicity of these tote bags along with their ability to keep a lot of stuff, perfect for a sudden stayover plan.

More and more women started opting for gorgeous tote bags because they proved to be more functional and practical. In the 1960’s BONNIE CASHIN the famous Hollywood designer released her own line of the classic ladies tote bag. Created in an array of choices from colours, motifs, prints, texture etc.

Handbags are something that you should not compromise on as they can affect your posture as well as comfort level, so we at Tjori have made it our personal responsibility to give you a bag that not only would look good but also feel good for your wallet.

Shop once with us and it’s our promise that you won’t regret. HURRY!!