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Set Of 2- Pihu Rust Cotton And German Silver Anklets
These stunning anklets have been handcrafted using gold-finish beads on rust cotton thread. They feature a lovely design of hanging beads inspired by the tribal jewellery of India. Note: Size may vary as these are Hand-made. Dimension In Inches: L:...
₹1,344.00 ₹789.00
Set Of 2- Lina Red Thread Beaded Anklets
Stunning anklets that feature strands of gold finish beads hanging from read woven cotton thread. Inspired by the tribal jewellery of India, these German silver anklets will dress up any outfit in seconds. Note: Size may vary as these are...
₹1,552.00 ₹789.00
Arzoo Silver Tribal Choker Anklet
Gorgeousness could not be defined better. This beautiful jewel is made using fine quality material. This collection features originally designed, handmade jewelry, crafted from sterling silver. It comes with an adjustable loop for a firm grip. Note: Size may vary...
₹2,277.00 ₹949.00
Fernweh Silver Tribal Anklet
Perfect for layering. This beautiful jewel is made using fine quality material. This collection features originally designed, handmade jewelry, crafted from sterling silver. It comes with an adjustable loop for a firm grip. Note: Size may vary as these are...
₹1,448.00 ₹869.00

Anklets | Designer Silver Plated Anklet Online

Now days anklets are used more as a fashion accessory but anklets were originally used by the Egyptians to wear around their feet, it is believed that anklets were a status symbol for them. In India silver anklets were worn by the women as a mark of their marriage majorly. Before these silver anklets the paayals were worn as an adornment for feet by the women, but with the introduction of fashion anklets came back into limelight. Silver anklets are used as an accessory now. Jewellery used to be a status symbol for people.

Over the years jewellery has evolved and is still evolving. At Tjori we aim to spoil our customers with an array of choices. Jewellery is a women’s best-friend. The day can fall short but shopping for jewellery can never be completed.

Latest Collection Of Silver Anklets

Our latest collection of silver anklets is heavily inspired by the crafts and traditions of all around the world. Hand-Crafted by skilled artisans we have an adornment for women of all shapes and sizes. From the boho look silver anklets to the chic look pajeb we have a pool of options for you to choose from. Our latest collection of silver anklets is one of its kind. The silver used in the making of these silver anklets is German silver which is inspired by the gorgeous tribal jewellery of India.

Are You Also Spoilt For Choices?

If you are someone who loves to make a bold style statement by the choice of your adornments then you are at the right place. Our customers are like our king and we love to spoil our king with choices. At TJORI we offer you an array of designs and types to choose amongst. From the latest designer silver anklets to German silver anklets to the German silver anklets with thread we showcase you all these varieties under the same roof. A combination of style and comfort our silver anklets online fit gracefully around your foot and complementing your look.

Styling The Silver Anklets

Styling the silver anklets can be tricky as a minor glitch can make or break your entire look.

If you are thinking of going to a traditional event then we would recommend you to style a silver anklet from our tribal jewellery collection as it not only looks pleasing but also regal.

For a casual event you can style up the silver anklets which give such a chic look while also being ethnic at the same time.

Keep it subtle as you don’t want to overdo your look.

If it’s more of an ethnic outing then you can go with the shell anklets also.

Different Types Of Silver Anklet Jewllery Available With Us-

SILVER JEWELLERY- The silver anklets in the German silver not only look good on the wearer but also feels good for the wallet.

FILIGREE JEWELLERY- Hand crafted by expert artisans since ages filigree is basically silver or gold wired which are interlaced with each other to create a pattern.

TRIBAL JEWELLERY- Our silver anklets in this collection are inspired from the ancient tribal jewellery. Not only does it give a boho look but also makes a bold statement.

BEAD JEWELLERY- Beautiful beads of different colours like light pink, gold etc. are styled along with German silver anklet, which not only looks graceful but also adds to the complete look. This jewellery is elegant and understated.

SHELL JEWELLERY- Designed like a charm anklet. The sea-shell silver anklet is the perfect boho chic accessory for anyone who loves to make a style statement.

We have an adornment for every occasion, shop with us once and it’s our promise that you won’t regret. HURRY!!

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