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The Subtle Art Of Ikat

Ikat is a technique which is used for creating ikkat blouse pattern in textiles that means dying on the yarns prior to the weaving of the fabric.  The characteristics of ikat textiles are the pattern which caused by the blurriness of the design. The blurriness looks extremely beautiful and this can be done by skilled craftsmen to make it less blurred or more. It is most popular in central Asia and evolving in other independent location. Western culture has adopted ikat-like it was made over there only. Europe via Dutch traders along the Silk Road has transferred ikat fabric. Today’s we see ikat being the popular fabric more than some major fabric in India.

Ikat - The most appealing and trendy design

  1. Maroon and grey Ikat blouse with buttoned back:

The traditional community emerges to re-invent the boundaries of fashion with this elegant hand woven maroon and grey Ikat blouse. To add to the contemporary look into the blouse also features buttoned back. Handcrafted in fine hand loomed cotton. 

  1. Yellow and grey bell sleeve Ikat cotton blouse:

Decorated with exquisite Ikat print and handcrafted in pure cotton, this charming yellow and grey is sure to steal the limelight. Contemporary bell sleeve detailing fuses with the alluring traditional print to bring in some authentic artistic flair .Here brought to you from Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Black and purple Tussar cotton silk saree with Ikat blouse:

A magnificent blend of purple and black, this saree has been crafted with tussar cotton silk and comes with a trendy ikat blouse. The contrasting border adds colours to the saree. Making it ideal for festive occasions.

  1. Blue Ikat Saree with Black Border:

This stunningly pretty cotton saree features Ikat printed motifs in yellow and blue. It is further enhanced by a black border and comes with an unstitched blouse.  Straight from Andhra Pradesh, this features a slight aesthetic border which equally complements the whole saree.

  1. Shades of Pink Ikat Saree:

 Different shades of pink come together with white in this cotton saree. It is made using the traditional ikat weave and features a chevron pattern. This saree is undeniably beautiful and atheistic. 

  1. Black Ikat Saree with Saree Pink:

This elegant cotton saree features an arrow design made using traditional Ikat weave. The combination of black and white is sultry and also gives a charismatic vibe. It is the perfect combination for all season.

Find the best Ikat apparels at Tjori:  

Now let’s, talk about the ikat blouse design which is rare to find but looks extremely explicit in various colours and patterns. You can also find ikat blouse online and sarees online at the best prices. The technique of ikat is also known as patola, bandha, chitka nd telia rumal in other places. The design of ikat is what makes it what it is! The magic of this fabric is undeniable. The most complex designs in ikat are considered patola. Essentially for their intricate and precisely planned designed fabrics. These are also used in a wedding to drape the bride and groom. However, it is used in casual outfits as well. Shop for these super stylish ikat blouses and sarees at the best prices only on Tjori. Here’s presenting the easy shop option for you, you don’t have to visit any market or place to buy these beautiful ikat blouses and sarees. Our store is online you can sit anywhere and login to your account and make a purchase. Go now and shop!


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