Kolhapuri Chappals

Kolhapuri Chappals

Hailing from the state of Maharashtra, Kolhapuri chappals were born and originated at Kolhapur in a small city in the state itself. Possibly the most famous footwear in the history of Maharashtra and definitely the most brought also.  Kolhapuri chappals are handcrafted genuine leather slipper with some patterns and styles. The handcrafted and intricately designed slippers or chappals which are worn by women of every age group. An everyday staple for the young entrepreneur or the women of substance. 

The Making of this Masterpiece:

As we are approaching towards the modern era of technology, we might forget the time this footwear came into existence but the beauty of this chappal never let us forget any of it. Kohlapuri Chappals have been into existence since the 13th century, popularly called as kohlapuri, paytaan, bakkalnali, pukari and kachn. Like I said above the beauty of this footwear never really let us forget the history behind it. Most of the families in Kolhapur are into this business of making Kohlapuri chappals online. While men cut the leather in the exact shape, women dip them into the water and then stitch it then make it into the masterpiece. Different part of the animal skins are used in the process like for instance the head skin is dedicated to the strap, tail skin for the tread work and the goatskin for the amazing braid. Oil is also used in removing the wrinkles on the leather.

The Traditional Kolhapuri in Varied Styles:

Leather Kolhapuri Chappals: Handcrafted with a leather sole, this pair of classic Kohlapuri has been finishes with vegetable tan. An ideal summer footwear.

Kohlapuri Chappal with Ikat design: Vibrant pop of colours and designed with genuine leather. Decked up with honey yellow tassels and fine metal embellishments to make you stand in the spotlight.

Rabri Kohlapuri Chappal: Give your feet the utmost comfort along with traditional contemporary style footwear. Beautiful designed with mirror embroidery and Rabari art.

Ghungroo Kohlapuri Chappal: Handcrafted in genuine leather, this pair of Kohlapuri Chappals is handmade with authentic ghungroo and muted green colour.

Kalamkari Print Kohlapuri Chappal: Traditional elegance of these designer Kohlapuri Chappals with printed with Kalamkari art over it. Adorned with buttons and yellow thread tassels to give a subtle and classy look to the chappal.

Gotta Patti Chappals: Neatly handcrafted with traditional gotta patti work from rajasthan. Contemporary look of this kohlapuri chappals make your look traditional and stylish at the same time.

Ajrakh Kohlapuri Chappals: The amazing designs of these Kohlapuri Chappals adorned with beautiful ajrakh printed design and style.

Find the best Kolhapuri Chappals at Tjori:

The traditional Kohlapuri Chappals is basically comes in tan brown color. It is defined in designs like Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Ikat, ghungroo and more.  These days, Kohlapuri chappal ladies are available online and in the market as well. The hassle and bassle of the market is sometime too exhausting so, better experience switch to online shopping. Easy and convenient and delivery at the doorstep. Some of the amazing facts about kohlapuris are that they are dipped in diesel and are great for summer as they cool the feet and reduce body heat. You can style kohlapuri’s with ethnic or western outfits. It always adds grace to the attire and makes you look more impressive.

Kolhapuri chappals have an essence of Indian traditional culture that brings the best in any outfit. When you open the wardrobe and you are not in a mood of any western outfits, that every moment it would be ethic wear which will make your day. However, dressing up in ethnic wear is quite a fun thing to do when you have the right accessories and I am not talking about jewellery. I am talking about the best accessories like bag and footwear which usually we forget about. Let’s get on accessories particularly footwear, when you talk about ethnic wear the first footwear which comes to our mind is kolhapuri chappals. There have been no claims to take this beautiful kolhapuri chappal footwear down since; it emerged in the city of Kolhapur.

The kolhapuri chappals have been in the trend for quite some time but still people can’t get over it, as you enter the summers, you can see most of girls wearing these chappals with any outfit. They are so nice and well suited with any outfit.

Kolhapuri Chappals online for women:

Most of the Kolhapuri chappals are designed in the shape of flats but they also come in heels and what look they have. Shopping for these chappals for women is easy online with the help online websites; these are in low heels, medium and flats. Kolhapuri chappals for women are available in the prettiest colours like pink, yellow, red and you can choose from it according to your taste and preference. We have crafted Kolhapuri chappals for women online with Indian crafts designs that are sure to add a different vibe to your wardrobe.
And when you shop for these chappals makes sure to see our unique style which has traditional crafts infused in these chappals. Sometimes, nothing makes the outfit more interesting than a pair of good and designer kolhapuri for women.

The redesigning of these chappals have been really nice as they are not just of brown colour, they have evolved with great colour combination, designs and patterns which makes it even more loved in the hearts of the Indian women. Kolhapuri chappals are now made with pom poms, gems, elements which makes them more interesting and amazing to wear or to pair.

Buy kolhapuri chappals online from Tjori:

You will find styles under this category of chappals. Here you will get designer, traditional, ethnic or crafted chappals. When you will get with this type of style then you will buy it more and more. We have round up a large variety of these types of kolhapuri chappals and now these are a little price effective as they are made with pure leather which makes them durable and authentic. Especially, the handcrafted chappals are just amazing to look at.  It is a treasure for Indian tradition & culture; these kolhapuri ladies chappals are eye-catching. You will happy that these will be work for several winters and beside that you can use them for any outfit as they are most universal. So, just enter into vogue with these amazing kolhapuri chappals.

Kolhapuri Chappals
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