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Artificial & Imitation Jewellery

Artificial & Imitation Jewellery

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Artificial & Imitation Jewellery

It is rightly said that you are not fully dressed if you don’t wear the right accessories for that outfit. Artificial jewellery brings your outfit to life and makes its statement. There are so many options in the market when it comes to imitation jewellery. There are so many options like some of the boho pieces are bold and some are dainty & minimal.

There are suitable options when it comes it necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, and all other jewellery pieces. They are available in the latest modern contemporary designs and you are sure to be surprised by the tribal look it has. The trending artificial jewellery or you can say afghan jewellery is something which is found very often in each and every place. To make a statement, you have to make few choices like what type of jewellery on what outfit? This is not a difficult job.  The design of artificial jewellery must catch the eye and perfectly complement your outfit. If you are looking jewellery to create a dramatic look then imitation jewellery is all you need to style up for any party or outing.

Artificial Jewellery-The New Age of Comfort

There are so many types of imitation jewellery in the market, there are a few types which you can buy to enhance your look.

Jewellery Pieces

A statement choker or any other type of jewellery is all you need to elevate your look. There are necklaces which have a variety of designs like the long chains, choker with intricate designs. There are pieces with dazzling stones that you must have in your collection. You can get the best artificial jewellery from Tjori.  Explore the variety and buy artificial jewellery that works well with your attire.


You can find exquisite rings in pure silver or German silver category. They come in bronze, silver, white gold, and copper. You can get the latest designs when you shop for artificial jewellery online.

Bangles & Bracelets

You are never ready if you don’t have anything to wear in your wrists, accessorizing with bronze bangles or silver bangles. Artificial jewellery is the most common type of jewellery, at tjori you can see many and buy according to your look.


You can always explore the intricately designed necklace from Tjori. The necklaces are designed and handcrafted in intricate designs which are inspired by the traditional art and crafts. Their enticing collection is sure to have you take more than one piece when you come and shop with us.


These are the first thing to pick when it comes to accessorizing is earrings. You just need to find the right ones to go with your outfit and add an exemplary touch. Earrings are a must-have for any outfit. There are a few types of earrings; you can explore various types of tjori.


The right type of dainty jewellery to add that contemporary style. You can get any type of handcrafted designs over here. Having a few in your closet will make your collection impressive.

Nose Ring & Studs

One of the most ornate jewellery pieces is the nose ring. It adds charm to your features and so you should get an appropriate one for a big occasion. You can choose between nose rings and clip on when you get imitation jewellery.


You cannot leave your feet out of all the accessorizing. Anklets are the best way to accessorize your feet. At Tjori, you can get the best of them and in different designs, you can get a simple one for daily wear or get a charming one for the different occasion. These are just loved when you wear them with elegance and style. You can also wear these with any ethnic or western outfits.

Buy The Best Artificial Jewellery At Tjori:

Jewellery is not just an accessory; it has been a part of Indian women life since ages. Earrings, bangles, necklaces all these have an eternal part of any Indian women life.  As much we love to wear it, we are evolving too. In ancient times there were only jewellery made in gold and silver but later on women started wearing artificial jewellery and we have adopted that evolution in a great sense. There are few jewellery pieces which you have a look at when you explore our website.

Green-Red German silver Afghan Earrings:

Embellished with red stones and green enamel adornments, this pair of German silver earrings has borrowed inspiration from Afghan jewellery. Gold plated to perfection, these earrings are ideal for traditional events. The artificial jewellery piece is an absolute charming piece to elevate your outfit.

Toda Embroidered Earrings:

Two strips of white slub fabric, each with delicate toda embroidery from the nilgiri hills of tamil nade. One with black threadwork and one with red, connected by black enamel elements and finished with a beautiful red enamel charm.

Himachali Ghungroo Necklace with Blue Necklace Pendant:

For statement-making women, necklace with ghungroo bells and intricate blue enamel work. This necklace, inspired by traditional himachali jewellery, has been handcrafted in brass with an antique silver finish. This artificial jewellery will help in putting up a great look together.

Imitation Jewellery-Create A Statement:

With the diversity of jewellery available on tjori, just mix any collection with your clothes. Just the right touch of jewellery and you could wear any outfits in impeccable styles. Gifting a thoughtful jewellery set can do wonders and display your true self on the other person. For a gifting someone we highly recommend artificial jewellery, and gift jewellery items from tjori to get a perfect smile on other persons face.

Explore outstanding designs available on tjori from skilled artisans. Get your hands on some handcrafted jewellery without much a wait. You can easily shop with us with simple click. The payments methods are also easy and the gateways are secure. So, go ahead and discover to enhance your beauty in stunning jewellery, from tjori to adorn your understated elegance.