Ancient Architetcure Silver Brass Nosepin199349(43%)
Intricate Leaf Shaped Sterling Silver Nosepin5751149(50%)
Ancient Design Brass Nosepin199349(43%)
Flower Shaped Sterling Silver Nosepin With Violet Stone5751149(50%)
Flower Shaped Sterling Silver Nosepin5751149(50%)
Flower Shaped Sterling Silver Nosepin With Green Stone5751149(50%)
Red Enamel Gold Brass Septum291415(30%)
Intricate Leaf BBrass Nose Pin249499(51%)
Intricate Ancient Brass Circular Nose Pin249499(51%)
Sunaina Silver Stone Studded Nose Pin408949(58%)

The jewellery you wear tells a different story and says a lot about your personality. In fact, you wear a statement necklace, nose pin or earrings. At Tjori, we bring you a wide variety of handcrafted nose pins in alluring patterns. In India, nose pins have been a staple since ancient times as it is considered holy by Hindi tradition. And, if you see it today it has climbed on top as a fashion accessory. It is a statement which you can see in a completely new way. You would like to buy nose pins online and get it delivered at your doorstep.  You are at the right place, browse through our exhaustive collection featuring designer nose pin in tribal, Afghani and other types. You are sure to buy the perfect one for you or for anyone else.

A lot of us have seen generations wearing these beautiful and admiring nose pins in gold and silver. If you cannot afford a diamond nose pin, you can still revel in style. Tjori brings you the most exquisite pieces of Indian nose pins. We have an exemplary collection of nose pins online. You can choose the kind of details you want from among beads, Afghani, pearls, and more.

Here are the interesting and inspiring options in different types of designs and how you can style them:

•    If you are attending an event which is casual and a little Indian in terms of fashion. Wear white cotton Kurta with complementing palazzo.  Accessorize with Afghani Nose rings or nose pins crafted with different designs.  Different types Nose pins are available designs like petals, flowers, leaves, and others as well.

•    Attending a wedding event or a ceremony, you can wear a suit and Anarkali suit. Match it up with a stylish nose ring with pearls in it and flaunt it flawlessly in the ceremony.  Ideally, there are so many gold nose rings which are used in these ceremonies but the look these new nose pins which make them look chic and fabulous.

•    Keep it subtle and fashionable at work with silver-plated nose pins. Choose from the wide range of several silver nose pins in a textured surface with stunning stone-studded.

Buy Nose Pins Online at the Best Price: 

At Tjori we have made the most customers oriented website through which you can shop easily. A simplified version of shopping by just sitting back at home you can enjoy the benefits of having a hassle free shopping experience. Choose from the wide range of nose pins in different styles and designs. While there are several women who just can’t get enough of earrings, there are often who go gaga over nose rings and studs.

1.Black Lily Silver Enamel Nose pin:

This black nature- inspired nosepin is beautiful, bright and unique. It will add certain elegance to your outfit. Made of sterling silver, the nosepin has an enamel coating and comes with an adjustable hook.

2. Blue Peacock Motif Silver Enamel Nosepin:

The blue nature-inspired nosepin is beautiful, bright and unique. It will add certain elegance to your outfit. Made of sterling silver, the nosepin has an enamel coating.

3. Orange Petals Silver Enamel Nosepin:

This orange flower inspired nose pin is exemplary in design and style. It will add a significant change in the whole attire. This can be paired up with an anarkali suit or an ethnic saree. This is surely to add a perfect makeover to the whole attire and the look.

4. Gold and Silver Aria Nose Pin with Pearl:

Created in the shape of a rising sun, this gold and silver nose pin is the epitome of elegance. The pin is connected by the hook a golden metal alloy string of pearl. The end of the chain can be clipped to the ear.

List of Best Sellers Nose Pin with Price in India

Products NamePrice
Black Lily Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 299
Black Peacock Motif Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 120
Set of 2 - Peacock NosepinRs. 245
Pearl circular 99% silver gold plated nosepinRs. 140
Black circular 99% silver nosepinRs. 299
Red Diamond Motif Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 130
Set of 2 - Leafy Tales NosepinRs. 125
Set of 2 - Sea Shell  NosepinRs. 125
Red Petal Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 130
Green Floral Motif Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 299
Set of 2 - Crescent Moon NosepinRs. 245
Green Sunflower Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 130
Pink gold plated Enamel NosepinRs. 305
Red Floral Motif Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 205
Blue Peacock Motif Silver Enamel NosepinRs. 299


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