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Women Cotton Dresses Online | Dresses for Women

A remarkable manifestation of couture and culture, the ethnic spun on this western outfit has seen itself as the soon to be most popular trend to swarm the fashion climate. Keeping the comfort of the kurtas and the glory of Indian prints and fabrics, the cotton dresses are increasingly spun on Indian looms to steer away from the boring, after all we have had enough of LBS’s and laces. This time, the Indian fabrics are here to steal the show and beguile the world with the wonders on Indian prints and embroidery.

Buy Cotton Dress For Women Online at Tjori

Tjori, has got your back. Fret no more, the from makeshift kurtis to ethnic dresses and floor length maxi cotton dresses, the breathable fabrics are all in store for the scorching summers. Ditch the denim this season and let it easy breezy and flowy like our curated collection of pastels, powder sun shades, undertones and summer hues that let’s you be you this summer. Comfort and effortless, all the cotton dresses here are for the tropics that perfectly compliment the Indian skintone.

As easy as a workwear, to the airport to running errands, you can spare yourself from cribbing about wearing cotton kurtis everyday. Keep the rants for later, all you can do now is check out the exhaustive range of summer cotton dresses that will leave you confused more than anything. If you’re still wondering what is this drama and talk of cotton dresses and ethnic dresses about, here’s a couple of things that will help you out.

About Cotton Dresses:

Dresses have been the pinnacle of western clothing over ages and have evolved, modified and revamped itself in every age. The silk gowns of the Greeks transcended to the Victorian era in the 1800. Times passed, laws changed and rulers were overthrown, consequently, so did the length. Cotton Dresses were an important denominator of women’s exercise of power and grant of freedom embracing their lifestyle.
It was only after ‘vogue’ and ‘harpers bazaar’ that the term got legitimised in the states. In the other corner of the world, these silk gowns continued to be entwined with majestic power wielded by the royals, like the Queen.
All thanks to Hollywood figures like Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedey, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn for the playful prints, plunging necklines, slim silhouettes, little black cotton dress and what not.
Borrowing this trend from the western culture and adding the organic element of the hand sewn Indian fabric, the cotton dresses get a total makeover here. The Indian fabric and the handloom industry set up as a response to the economic fallout in the Indian economy after the British, a strategic step to preserve and rebuilt the Indian monetary model. The successful effects are reflected in the clothing and the distinguishable Indian fashion style, that has been influencing the other tastes in fashion around the world. With international designers incorporating the Indian motifs and prints in their runway shows, it won’t be wrong to add how impactful Indian style scenario and how it has been resonating today. Timeless and impeccable, how Indian fabrics, prints and cuts still amaze the designers worldwide is still an intriguing question unaddressed.


Chanderi: Hailing from the chanderi village in Madhya Pradesh, this fabric has royalty weaved owing to the intricate zari work or the gold embellishments. The fabric today stands loud in the fashion frame because of the simplicity and the undertones of elegance. The array of colour choices be it the pop shades or the pastel palette, chanderi saree mixes fun and flamboyance. Keeping this together, Tjori has got for you a collection of dresses and maxi dresses on chanderi.

Chikanari: the charm of chikanari work is undying. Till today, with minimum filtration of the aesthetic work, the purity undiluted charm is contained in this work. The designers like abu jani and Sandeep Khosla has brought it upfront in the global picture.

Khaki: khaki might not be your go-to fashion option if you had to pick one, but you can’t help but choose khaki for formal and all your semi-formal occasions. This utilitarian fabric gives you an effortless work look, tailor-made for tropical Indian summers. The minimalism of this is unmatched and right about perfect for a comfort workwear option.
Ikkat and tussar are also summer friendly fabrics to choose from. The power of tussar silk sarees is unmatched and seeing it morphed into dresses today, is something you can’t wait to wear.

Talk about Prints:

Ajrakh: from the borders of Gujrat to making a fashion staple today in Indian couture, this print tells a tale everytime. The intricate symmetrical floral and geometric patterns, either woven, printed, tie-dyed, embroidered,as it unfolds a swarm of evocating designs representing the Sindh community.
Bagru: the Indianess of the natural colours and the prints speak out here. Originating from Rajasthan, Bagru prints is the mastery of handblock and dyes and Indian handwork. The bagru prints are extensively a part of the Indian couture.
Handblock: hand block print has become increasingly popular because of their symbolism. The monotonous prints, repeated rows and the ethnicity wrapped in the hand block, keeps you closer to your roots. The alluring shades of the hand blocs and the bleached contrast of colors to choose from, this will rather leave you spoilt for choices.
Kalamkari: kalamkari literally means handwork done by pen. This print flourished itself in the Mughal period and is a wardrobe essential today. Women blend in solid shades with kalamkari dupattas or patialas to mix and match the perfection.

Styling the ethnic cotton dresses for women

Intriguing question arises, on how to style these ethnic dresses. With the touch of indianess in the outfit, owing to the fabric and the print, these Indian cotton dresses pair perfectly with the jhumkas, be it any, chandbaali, afghani or even shoulder dusters, name them and you’ve got your look sorted to rock it.
With interesting necklines, revealing cuts and putting the collarbones on the show, the ethnic chokers and statement neckpieces will bring on the bling. Mirror works to narrow lined chokers, you have got them, to dig in more, in vogue.
Go for gota bags if it’s for occasions and block print bags for the print on print drama. The big embroidered totes for running errands kind of day and the metallic clutches for a rave night with your squad, check out Tjori for it exhaustive collection of bags.  Shop latest collection of cotton dresses for women online.

Types of Women Dresses:

Bodycon Dress:

Bodycon dresses are one of its kinds, it’s the most tightly fitted and body-hugging dresses. These dresses edge across your curves making your body look more beautiful. Usually made stretchable fabric, it fits tight at the bust and the hip area.

Shift Dress:

These dresses have an undefined waistline, are less curvy and do not hug the body. These can come up with any hem length, sleeves or may be sleeveless and mostly flatter the ins and outs of any body type. This can work for work-wear or party-wear at the same time.

A-Line Dress:

It can be described as an alphabet ‘A’ stand the dress is shaped like the same. Since they sit tight at the waist and you need to be very careful with your waist size as the dress enhances the same.

Wrap Dress:

The dress is best described as a wrap around; it hugs the body in a round way. These dresses can sometimes be tied already with a faux tie.

Halter Dress:

Any dress that has a neck which does not have sleeve and hemline falls under that. Due to its straight cut, you can adorn this one a casual day or any other brunch date.

Empire Waist Dress:

An empire waist dress fits perfectly at the bust area and flares down to the tip of the toe. This is usually made in flowy fabric which a flare of their own.

Peplum Dress:

These dresses might make you look at little extra tucked in. If you have some extra inches at the waist, this is a dress that you must have in your wardrobe. Peplum dresses have a frilled ruffle at the waist over a narrow skirt.

Sheath Dress:

Sheath dresses falls lower than the knees and usually are unadorned and plain in looks. We see a lot of business women wearing these in the meetings.

Slit Dress:

These give a sure shot aura of sexiness. The dresses have had long slit either at the side or in the front making the legs look bare.

Ballgown Dress:

If you rising tall and wearing short dresses makes you feel a little exposing, ballgown dresses are made solely for you. While shorter women might look a little petite, maxi dresses flow with your figure and make you look graceful.

Tea Length Dress:

A tea-length dress is one whose hemline falls, “above the ankle and below the knee” The modern tea-length dresses might be seen only 3-4 inches above the ankle. It can be worn for formal events or formal wedding functions.

Midi Dress:

There might be blogs that just loathe the concept of the midi dress but we can bet you can pull a midi dress beautifully. A midi dress generally ends somewhere between the knee and mid-calf.

Maxi Dress:

if you feel that you cannot wear a short dress then these maxi dresses are perfect for you. Maxi dresses are solely made for you.  While shorter women might look too petite, maxi dresses are just perfect and they flow with the body.

Long Sleeve Dress:

These dresses are the type of dress which cover your hands and also makes them look slim. These can be any type and can be found anywhere.

Sun Dress:

From floral prints to denim and basic jersey styles, we’ve got your warm weather essentials covered with our range of sundresses for all your summer plans.

Sheath Dresses:

These types of dresses are formally used by businesswomen and entrepreneurs. These are mostly used in formal events, it falls lower to the knee and gives a subtle look.

Blouson Dresses:

Blouson dresses have a string at the waistline and they usually look similar to maxi dresses.  The hemline falls straight to the floor and makes it look exceptionally beautiful.

Tunic Dresses:

Straight like a tunic, if you want to look subtle and not dressy this is the one for you. Tunic dresses are simple and they look great when paired with sneakers or flats of your choice.

Pencil Dresses:

These are narrow and straight like a pencil. These work best for women with the slim and toned body. This can be short or lower than the knee. Pair these with heels which make the whole look classy.

 Asymmetrical Dresses: 

Any dress that has an asymmetric hemline falls under this category. As this is of this type you can wear this to casual lunch with friends or any other casual outings. Pair this up with high heels.

Trench Dresses:

Well, you must be wondering what you will do with your trench coat but girls! No worries you can wear that as a dress. Pair it with your favourite shoes and glam up your whole look.

Bandage Dresses: 

These types of dresses are body-hugging dresses as they attached to the body. If you have the perfect body then you can wear this. Pair this up with nice heels and hair-do.

High Low Dresses:

Asymmetrical, the hem of this dress is higher from the back and lower from the front. Make sure you wear this to a strictly casual outing or event. Pair this up with nice flats or heels as per your choice.

Skater Dresses:

These are the modified from skater skirts usually worn by girls who love to wear skirts. Skater dresses are frilly below the waist and make it look exemplary with nice prints. You can easily pair this up with any footwear of your choice.

Long Dresses:

The sole dress for you, if you are tall and you don’t like wearing a shirt dress. Perfect outfit for beach outfit as this will look amazing in the sand and water combination.

Kaftan Dresses:

A kaftan fits loose and is usually made in flowy fabrics with flared sleeves. Usually worn with the stylish pair of shoes or heels. This is one of the most comfortable outfits.

Shirt Dresses:

These are a perfect addition to your wardrobe as these can be worn to formal or casual both events. Shirt dresses are long or short both and straight falls on you.

Off-Shoulder Dresses:

Elegant and most stylish dress are these off shoulder dresses. These are specially curated to make your day amazing. This can be worn to any gala night or event. Pair this up with nice heels and hairdo with some makeup.

Tie Details Dresses:

This is a perfect dress for events and casual dates. This can work for many functions and events. These have a sweet bow at the waist and make the torso look heavier. Pair this up with a nice pair of heel and shoes.

 A- line Dresses:

Like the alphabet A, this dress looks the same. Narrower at the top and flared at the bottom. Since they sit tight at the waist, you need to be careful with your waist size before making any purchases.