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Pracheen Kalamkari

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Kalamkari Kurtis Online | Buy Kalamkari Kurta with Palazzo & Dupatta Online

Kalamkari art and printing are primarily found in Andhra Pradesh at Kalahasti and Machilipatnam. It is still a full-time occupation for many rural people. In ancient times these rural people worked for hours and made this beautiful craft called Kalamkari. Andhra Pradesh is still the main hub of Kalamkari fabric. The sheer variety of artworks and craftsmanship is found in this place only. The name ‘Kalamkari’ originated from the Persian word- Kalam (pen) and Kari (craftsmanship) and the word means drawing art from the pen. The fact is that the pen is actually any object like traditionally it was bamboo with a sharp-pointed edge which regulates the flow of color on the fabric. Nowadays Kalamkari is famous for its design and authentic designs. The ancient designs and colors make this art a favorite for many women.

Pick the best Kalamkari Kurtis, Palazzo Pants

Black cotton kurta with Kalamkari Palazzo:

Add an edge to modern-ethnic fashion with this Kurt and Kalamkari Palazzo set. The fusion of contemporary Kalamkari Print palazzo with simple cotton flex kurta is impeccable. The design embraces traditional art.

Kalamkari Crape with Pockets:

Give a twist to your plain outfits with this attractive cape. This Crape can be used over a Pretty any designer kalamkari Kurti.

Cotton kurta with Kalamkari front:

Created in an elegant shade of black, this maxi Kurta is sure to be a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe. Add this to your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd.

Button down Kalamkari kurti:

Flaunt the impeccable mustard button-down Kurti or dress. The beautiful print of kalamkari is making the dress or Kurti perfect for any occasion.

Flaunt vibrant shades this summer with this mustard button-down midi dress. The beautiful blend of kalamkari print and button-down pattern makes this dress perfect for any occasion.

From sarees to the palazzo, Kurti to dresses, now everything is transformed into Kalamkari craft. Kalamkari is much appreciated in today’s time. People appreciate the alluring print of kalamkari and understand its worth it.

Buy the Best Kalamkari Kurti & Palazzo at the Best Price on Tjori:

Naturally dyed hand-painting or block-printing of textile is known as Kalamkari. Vegetable dyes are prepared and applied to the fabrics with the help of wooden blocks. Characteristics features of the kalamkari pattern include various things such as colors prepared by vegetables. Kalamkari art is a storytelling art, it usually depicts the stories of mythology.  Traditional motifs include trees, leaves, flowering vine, intricate jaali designs, etc. These motifs are used to depict the stories and also these are inspired by the ancient cave paintings and designs drawn by the crave men.

Now you can easily purchase the right and authentic Kalamkari outfit for yourself. Just sit back home or office or anywhere and make a purchase. If you are pairing up then I would suggest keeping the one clothing item simple and the other with Kalamkari print. Like for instance, if you have a printed kalamkari palazzo keep the kurta plain and see the contrast. Kalamkari kurtas for women can be found easily online.

Handwoven fabric made fabulous with the exquisite interplay of organic colors, block printing & hand painting. Each piece exhibits a divine story and speaks of the painstaking work hours involved in producing it. Cherish & appreciate the beauty of this art by adorning Tjori’s Kalamkari apparel collection.