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Our unique skin colour is distinguished by the pigments producing cells which are known as melanocytes. The excess the melanin into our skin due to the sun, allergic reaction, hormonal injury or changes causes patches on our skin which can be removed by ayurvedic remedies.

As we all know that whatever we apply or eat reflects on the skin itself. For our skin to retain natural radiance, Ayurveda has the perfect solution. Cleansing and exfoliating is a must just to keep our skin clean and healthy. Our skin gets exposed to all the impurities through the sun, dirt and other harmful things. With Tjori range of cleansers and scrubs, you can achieve radiating and healthy skin and keep it protected from all the harmful things.

Our skin is delicate and exposed easily from the sun which makes it lose its natural shine, elasticity, and moisture, which eventually leads to fasten aging and causes wrinkles. Using home remedies for pigmentation can be beneficial. Use Tjori’s organic and handcrafted range cleansers and scrubs. 

Find the latest Anti pigments face packs:

Tjori has discovered the treasures of Ayurveda and also we understand what it takes to have beautiful skin. The anti-hype pigmentation cream with fine powders which gets fully absorbed into the skin and help the skin cells to balance melanin production. We not only care about your skin but also the environment.

Skin lightening and glow enhancing face scrub, unlike those chemical scrubs and packs with plastic beads, Tjori brings to you herbal face scrubs, face serum, face packs which has potato and turmeric that effect in skin lightening and scrub. It gently exfoliates your skin and makes it bright and smooth and on top of it, it is environmentally friendly.

Face Serum: Infused with organic face oils to make the skin clearer and smoother. With continuous use, this facial serum effectively reduces the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. 

Organic face packs: Pack with the nutrients of beetroot this face pack is enriched with iron vitamins and minerals. The organic face pack provides hydration to the skin which leads to the smoother and luminous complexion. 

We ensure that all our products are soap-free & sulfate-free as these properties harm the skin directly. Tjori’s has worked with a keen eye for making every product organic and effective. Some of the products are pigmentation removal cream, Anti-hype pigmentation face pack, anti-pigmentation mint and lemon face pack, skin lightening and glow enhancing scrub, anti-pigmentation face scrub, pigmentation cream, skin brightening beetroot face pack, Yasthimadhu ubtan for de-pigmentation, serums.

Natural skin Care info

How to use:

Start from prepping up your skin by washing it with mild face wash.

The next step is to apply an organic cleanser to keep the skin smooth and fresh.

Remove the cleanser with a clean napkin.

Now take a sufficient amount of scrub into your hand and apply it gently on your face and massage it gently in circular motions (clockwise and anti-clockwise for 10 mins)

Remove the scrub with a wet napkin. This helps in removing the unwanted hair and tan on the skin.

The next step is to apply the right amount of face pack ayurvedic (all over the face and neck area).

Remove it after it gets dry completely. (Minimum 10-15mins)

Wash it off with normal water.

Complete the routine with an ayurvedic serum and get glowing. 

Tjori has a wide variety of skincare products which are ayurvedic and organic at the best prices.

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